Surrogate: Mamatan – in rough draft status

Etain Ixtii. Queen Etain. Mother ‘Tan. Mamatan. No name is more respected on Takran, because no one, especially a once-ridiculed alien outsider like Mamatan, has fought harder to preserve the Takla home world. To mess with Mamatan, her family, her circle, or her nest, means facing down the five species sworn to protect Takran.

But the Resellers hiding in Takran’s dense jungles have plans to overturn everything Mamatan’s worked so hard to accomplish, and they’re targeting the weakest and most vulnerable of Takran’s populous– the elderly Takla already on the verge of extinction.



Cleaning House: In Rough-Draft Status

Growing up queer in Appalachia wasn’t easy for Centenary Rhodes, so she left home as soon as she could, but the post-collegiate happiness she expected in Chicago has never occurred. She can’t find a decent date, much less find that special someone, and, after losing her job in a corporate downsize, she’s struggling to meet her most basic needs. Her car has been repossessed, her bills are piling up, and her questionable North Chicago neighborhood is becoming dangerous to navigate.

Returning home to Horse Creek never crosses Cent’s mind until Great Aunt Tess, the only person in Cent’s family who accepts her as-is, contacts her with an offer she can’t refuse. The old family homestead must be sold, and Aunt Tess needs someone to clean it up. Cent will be paid for her work, will have access to Aunt Tess’ garden, smoke house, and truck, and she can live on the homestead rent-free for as long as it takes.

It’s a chance to solve Cent’s financial woes, but going home, she soon finds, will mean discovering a past she can’t remember and a future she never expected.


Stardust Connections: Tales from the Surrogate and Taelach Sisters Series (tentative title)


Join the characters from the Surrogate and Taelach Sisters series in stories with themes concerning motherhood, acceptance, love, family, and growing old.