Surrogate: Traditions – in rewrites

Dead and gone. Gone and dead. Everything Etain Ixtii values, her family, her circle, her life as she knows it, has been torn apart by a cataclysmic terrorist plot.

Takla Traditionalists, who sought to rid their home world from alien influence, have failed. Some of the Human populous has survived their biological attack, the Cycalk and Alyward refugees have remained to aid their Human allies, and the insectoid Panpobal, who came to Takran with Etain, are flourishing despite the Traditionalist’s attempts to poison their nests. They’re evolving faster than anyone expected, and Etain is evolving with them.

But before she can accept the changes, mourn her losses, and rebuild her family, Etain must bring Leigheas Sternbow, her Takla husband turned Traditionalist, to justice– even if it means a dangerous journey into the dark waters of Below’s Treenor Sea to find him.


Surrogate: Mamatan – in rough draft status

Etain Ixtii. Queen Etain. Mother ‘Tan. Mamatan. No name is more respected on Takran, because no one, especially a once-ridiculed alien outsider like Mamatan, has fought harder to preserve the Takla home world. To mess with Mamatan, her family, her circle, or her nest, means facing down the five species sworn to protect Takran.

But the Resellers hiding in Takran’s dense jungles have plans to overturn everything Mamatan’s worked so hard to accomplish, and they’re targeting the weakest and most vulnerable of Takran’s populous– the elderly Takla already on the verge of extinction.