Taelach Sisters Novel #3

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As the Autlach cleric Longpass’ assault on the Tekkroon colony’s mountain stronghold increases, Rankil Danston struggles to keep her wounded psyche intact. Though she is one of the Tekkroon colony’s Barrier Troopers, the bravest of warrior Taelachs, she can no longer ignore her wounded child’s cries for recognition nor the flashbacks that accompany those cries.

Drawn from her lover Myrla’s side Rankil is pulled into the fight of her life and the greatest battle in Tekkroon history.

“This book was her best yet.
There is a lot of depth to the characters. Rankil continues her struggle with the past and faces what it means to her future. The Taelach begin their journey united.
It continues on where Sister Lost Sister Found leaves off and starts to tie into No Sister of Mine.” – Amazon Review