Sister Lost Sister Found

Taelach Sisters Novel  #2   (Bella Books 2006)

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Rankil is marked for life – destined for abuse and neglect at the hands of the Autlach. In her world, the worst that can happen to a Taelach child is not death – but life itself. And even though sister Taelachs constantly search for the younger Taelach children, Rankil is so far yet undiscovered.

Join Rankil on her journey to find a home where she is welcomed where love is at least a possibility in this long-awaited sequel to No Sister of Mine.

Winner of a Golden Crown Literary Society award for excellence in speculative fiction.


“This book takes place back before the first book. Sisters were not yet searching for lost Taelach children. Rankil is born in a time when the Taelach are hunted and burned like witches. They have yet to find their power.

I think this book was much better than the first and the next book is even better yet.
The struggles Rankil goes through are very close to the stories I hear over and over again from many of the teens I meet.

Read them all and you will be glad you did.” – Amazon review