Taelach Sisters Novel # 4  

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In a society divided by birth, upbringing, education and status, young Chandrey Brava is raised in a conservative sect, but leaves home at sixteen for the Taelach Training Grounds. Naïve and used to harsh discipline, she doesn’t recognize that Cancelynn Creiloff is playing with her heart.

Nominated for a Golden Crown Literary Society award for excellence in speculative fiction

“No Sister’s Keeper is by far G’Fellers’ darkest work, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The story is a classic one—a struggle to rise above domestic abuse, but this time it’s set in a Science Fiction universe with LGBT characters. The storytelling is linear, develops at a steady pace, and the tension is dramatic and palpable.

I didn’t find myself tripping over the dichotomy between the religious group and the multiple governments detailed in the novel. On the contrary, it made sense—even when things became violent.

Like the novel’s blurb states, this is a tale of silent stoicism and bravery, but it’s also one of coming of age in a difficult, often conflicting world.

Nicely done. I was sorry to see the series end.” – Goodreads Review