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No Sister of Mine

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Taelach Sisters Novel #1

LaRenna Belsas had always dreamed of the Kimshee lifestyle. These silent serving sisters of the Taelach military were known as much for their reckless mannerisms as they were honored for the dangers they faced bringing Taelach daughters to their raisers. LarRenna looked forward to taking her place among them, even though it meant an apprenticeship under an experienced Kimshee. Or would it?

No Sister of Mine is the first entry in a series of lesbian Science Fiction novels set in a world where humans are nothing more than a genetic trace. But that trace has left its mark—namely a race of telepathic women who must fight to coexist with a patriarchal humanoid society who wishes nothing more than the eradication of its “white witch” cousins.

 Winner of a Golden Crown Literary Society Award for Excellence in Speculative Fiction and short-listed for a Lambda Literary Society award.



“G’Fellers’ first book, “No Sister of Mine”, shines as a well-constructed SF book with a lesbian protagonist. The author does not let the romance aspect overshadow the thrill and adventure of an SF story, yet the romance is integral to the story. G’Fellers manages to create an intense love story beneath a thrilling tale of culture clash, terror, and revenge. Even the villain is fascinating and terrifying.

This is not a tale for the squeamish. Bad things happen in this tale, but it is by far one of the best in its genre and well-deserving of the 2006 Goldie award (SF category), finalist status for the Lambda Literary Foundation SF award, and nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award.” – Amazon reviewer

“Author G’Fellers jettisons us to the 23rd century and a distant world similar to ours where one of the planets is inhabited by a humanoid race name the Autlachs. Human explorers from have arrived and over time the two races have intermixed. Now, not only are the Autlachs a mixed race, but on occasion their offspring are albino daughters named Taelach. The Taelach are feared and often killed at birth. The Taelachs who do escape this fate have organized into their own society. They use their telepathy and technical know-how to their advantage, rescuing their infant ‘sisters’ from their Autlach parents. As a result, a large society of Taelachs forms. In comes LaRenna, who has just completed her military schooling and is assigned to an apprenticeship with, Krell a higher ranking Taelach officer. Their attraction is instant and overwhelming, but the romance must wait. LaRenna is being trained to delve into group of traitorous Taelachs who strive to seize control of the solar system and enslave the Autlach. Author G’Fellers is a quality storyteller who leaves her readers longing for more. If you like adventures and good vs. evil in a world of women, then this book is for you!” – Barnes & Noble Review