Surrogate Cover II (1)


Surrogate Series #1 (Supposed Crimes March 2017)

 “A thinking worker is bad business.”

Worker. Trade Agent. Serf. Etain Ixtii detests the labels others give her, but there are some things she must accept. She was genetically designed to do specific tasks. Her breeding instincts interrupt her life every forty-five days. But workers like Etain are taught not to question so when she returns from training questioning her homeworld Gno’s profit-based caste system, she risks her life.

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“On finishing this book, all I can say is, wow. It’s a journey into an incredibly detailed and complex world. Set aside some time for this one because it takes time to become fully immersed. There’s no warning: readers are thrown right into the deep end. All the world-building unfolds slowly over time as Etain reveals herself and her history.” – Author A. M. Leibowitz

“Fantastic characterization, and a truly wondrous amount of world-building.” Sally (Goodreads)

“Thought-provoking book.” Jane Marshall (Goodreads)