Author How-To: Book Promotion and the Disabled Author

First off, let’s change a word in that title. Let’s strike out disabled and replace it with differently abled because it’s not that you and I can’t, it’s more like we often need to go about things differently. Regardless, disabled is the more common term, so I left it in the title.

How do I, as a differently-abled author, handle book promotion? Here’s my go-to list along with some explanations and tips that I hope will help other authors long their way.

Social Media
  •  Website – If you’re an author, you should have an active website devoted to your work and writing in general, including cross-promoting other authors. If at all possible, create your own website, whether it’s a paid or free one is up to you, but if you can’t then get someone to help you
  • Twitter – The twitterverse is often a nightmare of conflict but, if you can stay clear of that, it’s a fairly good place to do a bit of promo. (Note: that does not mean I suggest doing paid ads there.) Here’s a link to a post that tells you how to create clickable images in tweets without creating or paying for an ad. And there are some excellent Twitter chats out there too. Investigate and see which one(s) might work for you. My regular chat is #writestuff at 9 p.m. Eastern. It’s a small chat that’s easy for me to follow via Tweetdeck, a social account platform that goes with Twitter. I don’t have multiple Twitter accounts, but it lets me isolate the chat from my general feed so I can keep up.
  • Facebook – FB, in my experience, is best for socializing with other authors more than it is for connecting with readers. I have a private page as well as an author page. The former is much more active than the latter. Like with Twitter, I am not advising you to use FB’s paid ads. In fact, I discouraged it. I’ve used FB ads and nothing came of it. Zip. It was a waste of money.
  • Instagram – If you take a lot of photos, this is great. I’m not big into Instagram because my hands tremor too much to take a decent photo. Some authors are, however, excellent at using Instagram, and if it’s your thing, then use it to your advantage. Yes, I have an Instagram account. No, I don’t use it like I should. (NOTE: My Instagram had an old password, meaning it was hacked and all my access was removed because foolish me hadn’t put two-layered authentification in place). Sigh. I have a new account, but I haven’t posted to it yet. If you come across the Instagram account jlgfellers – it’s the hacked one. My new Instagram is jeannegfellers.) I know nothing about Instagram ads, if there is such a thing.
  • TumblrI use my Tumblr repost my blogs. I don’t have a significant following there, but I haven’t really tried either. (Because of the Instagram scare, I deleted my Tumblr account.  It wasn’t worth the risk.)
  • Goodreads – Goodreads reposts my blogs too, and I get some feedback from readers via the site.
  • Youtube – if you like to vlog, this is a goldmine for you. If you make your own book trailers (most authors have little success doing them), then post yours there. I’m now using Youtube to share playlists for my Appalachian Elemental series, and I’ve had a nice response from readers. In short, they think it’s ingenious, and they really like it. (grin) I just think it’s fun. I’ve research Goodreads ads and they’re out of my budget, as is their book contests/giveaways.
  • Amazon Author Central – A must if you’re selling books on Amazon, even through a traditional publisher. Link your blog, post appearances, link your profile to your books. You can advertise with Amazon on a budget and it’s something I’m looking into.
  • There are lots of other social media outlets such as wattpad and Pinterest (the latter of which I plan on investigating for my writing). Search for what works best for you. I know nothing about advertising where these platforms are concerned.

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#CleaningHouseNovel Blog Tour 8/12 – 8/14

I hate to say this, but the Cleaning House blog tour is drawing toward its end.

Here’s a slew of posts, character info, and other material for Cleaning House including #Rainbowsnippets, #WIPpet Wednesdays, Character Profiles, and #1LineWednesday posts.

And here’s Cleaning House Chapter One in PDF format.

Oh, and here’s the Cleaning House YouTube Playlist – a chapter-by-chapter musical journey through the novel.

Amazon: Ebook  Print

Barnes and Noble: Ebook   Print

Kobo: Ebook

Overwhelmed yet? I know I am.  And tired. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.



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#WIPpet Wednesday #WW #WIP 5/30/18 Deep Peace and the Holy Spirit

Welcome to a soggy edition of #WIPpet Wednesday*.

It’s a raining here in Tennessee. It has been for almost two weeks, and I’m over it. (keeps her voice low just in case the imps of drought are listening) I’m ready for it to dry out, if even for a few days. That said, we were scheduled to begin building a handicap ramp onto our house today and, to my wonderment, the builders still showed up this morning and are working in the rain. Bless them. I really need this ramp.

Here’s my WIPpet math for 5/30/2018: I’m taking the 8 for eight paragraphs (minus the recitation) from Cleaning House – An Appalachian Contemporary Fantasy

The Setup: Cent’s gone to bed after a late night of remembering who she’s been, but now she’s having trouble staying asleep. Note: Remember that this story is set in modern Appalachia, where Scots-Irish, British, German, and Cherokee traditions and faiths have melded into something unique.

     [Cent] kept slipping into nightmares where a black, hulking form towered over her, lifting her between its gargantuan hands to squeeze her neck. She woke gasping each time but managed to find sleep again, only to have the process repeat. Each time, the choking lasted longer, each time it took longer for her to wake, until she finally woke screaming, bringing Aunt Tess to her room.

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#WIPpet Wednesday #QueerBlogWed I Remember

It’s been a busy week for contractors (new heat pump) and estimates (other impending improvements) at my home. I’ll spare you the details but having strangers constantly in and out of your house is stressful and distracting, especially when you’re accustomed to a relatively quiet house. That said, it’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time for #WIPpet Wednesday** and #QueerBlogWed*! While WIPpet Wednesday, hosted by the gracious Emily Wrayburn, features a diverse mix of authors, #QueerBlogWed is geared for, well, queer blogs, which this site certainly is.

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#Writerslife #Writegoal September Roundup & October Goals

This is where I look back at my September goals… it’s honesty time.

Before: September looks to be a quieter month in my house… maybe, but some things simply can’t be predicted.

End of the month reflection: Bwahaha! Famous last words. This month has been very chaotic. Doctor visits, new computer, just a myriad of issues.  It’s called life, and, yes, it did effect my September goals to some extent.

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