Striking Balance

An Appalachian Elementals Historical Dark Fantasy Side Tale

Benjamin Schnell is the possessor of secrets he wishes he could bury beneath the rich Nolichucky river flat dirt he farms alongside his dear friend, Conall. But secrets lead to lies, lead to more secrets, and all eventually come home to roost in a bed of distrust, even on the 1779 Appalachian frontier.

After Ben is injured, he realizes there are odd things happening around him that others cannot see. Corner shadows take human shapes, lightning bugs dance in broad daylight, and the farm’s strange owner, Master Gow, returns with an offer Conall cannot refuse if Ben is to live. But making a deal with Master Gow will take them deep into the mountains to where a haunted king reigns and Fire balances Water in a delicate natural friendship.

Ben must learn self-acceptance and trust if he and Conall are going to survive because there can be no secrets in the mountains, only truth.

Another rich tale from the Appalachian Elementals world focusing on complex families containing rich LGBTQIA+ characters.

  • ISBN-10 : 173297201X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1732972018
    Available in both print and ebook formats

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“Totally immersive experience. Educational but fun. Absolutely love this author and this series. ” – Goodreads review

“(I)nteresting story with characters unique to the historical fantasy genre. ” – Goodreads review

“(T)he world Jeanne G’Fellers has created is as much about the characters’ pasts as it is their present, and when we’re dealing with elemental beings, they are as ancient as the Earth itself.” – Author Debbie McGowan