Review Guidelines

Here are my review guidelines. Please read them carefully before you submit your review request. (The submission form is at the bottom of the page. No, there isn’t a place to attach a file. You will be asked to send the file only after I accept your submission)

What I will review:

  • Novels

  • Novellas

  • Short story collections/ anthologies

Genres I will review:

  • LGBT+ Speculative Fiction (not including horror or erotica)

  • Military Sci-Fi that also fits the other guidelines

  • Hard Sci-Fi that isn’t overly technical in content

  • Social Sci-Fi (strong preference here)

  • LGBT+ Fiction (no horror, erotica, or romance-driven content)

  • Non-LGBT+ Fiction that paints the LGBT community in a positive light (the LGBT+ presence must be more than in passing and the character(s) must not be drawn as tragic/ pitiful/ antagonistic because they are LGBT+)

  • Short-Stories/Short-Story Collections and Anthologies w/ LGBT+ content (no erotica – my definition of what constitutes erotica is below)

  • Our voices stories without primarily romance or erotic content

  • Correctly done Pagan-based fantasy… especially with pro-LGBT+ content

  • Paranormal fantasy without werewolves, vampires, and shifters as protagonists

  • Some Steampunk and Cyberpunk if there is pro-LGBT+ content involved

  • Limited nonfiction that appeals to me: Pagan, Frugal-Living, and others as I decide

What I won’t review:

  • Erotica (not even LGBT+ erotica)

  • Horror

  • Graphic novels (love them, but my vision won’t let me enjoy them anymore)

  • Gay for your stories

  • High fantasy, Urban fantasy, shifter tales, werewolves, and vampires (except as noted in the Will Read section)

  • Romance (not even LGBT+ Romance) Romantic subplots are fine, but they should not be the story’s focus.

  • Christian-based other religion-focused stories of any sort unless they are pro LGBT+ and mild in their religious content

  • Detailed rape, gratuitous violence, child abuse, pedophilia, sadomasochism, BDSM

  • Cliffhangers and serials – if there is no resolution or I must read the next installment in the series to find that resolution, count me out

  • Poetry: single poems, collections, or chapbooks – Yes, I write poetry, but it’s so subjective that I have no desire to review it.

  • Single short stories, flash fiction, or other short works except inside accepted anthologies/ collections

What’s the difference between erotic and sexy content?

Sexy teases, shows some leg, cleavage, and perhaps a good butt shot before it closes the door. Sexy leaves the mechanics and steamiest parts to the imagination. Yes, sexy can include more than two, but it still knows when to shut the door. Erotica gives a full-frontal view. It names parts, describes what said parts are doing to another person’s parts, leaves the door ajar and invites the neighbors in to watch… or join in. Erotica leaves nothing to the imagination. It is explicit and down and dirty. I much prefer to use my imagination, which is why I don’t read erotica, LGBT+ erotica included.

Note: Don’t challenge this rule. Doing so will get you permanently placed on my no read list, meaning I will never review any of your works again.

Where I post my reviews:

  • On this website

  • Amazon

  • Goodreads

  • Tumblr

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Other locations per request but at my sole discretion

Other requirements and suggestions:

  • I only accept .mobi files

  • I accept ARCs given enough lead time and will consider a blog tour stop if I like the work in question

  • I am a slow reader because of my vision, so if you’re in a rush, I wouldn’t submit.

  • I accept self-published, small/indie press, and traditional publishers alike

  • I’m a retired English teacher so make certain your work is well-formatted and professionally edited

Here’s my review request form. Fill it out to the best of your ability. Name, email, and a comment are required for general questions. Review requests should include the required boxes, a link to your website if you have one, and the title of the work, the length of the work, and publisher (write self-published if the work is) inside the comment box. Also, please include the blurb, the publication date/ expected publication date, and a brief author bio in the comment box as well.