#KeepingHouseNovel #RainbowSnippets #PromoLGBTQ Eighty-Six Flooded Out

The problem with writing a series where the protagonist has lived multiple lives is that you’ve so much material to draw from. I’ve started a brand new story within the Appalachian Elementals series, this one a side tale, but it’s set in the Revolutionary War era so I’m doing lots, repeat, lots of research. Still, it’s great fun even if it’s slow going. I won’t be sharing any of that tale in my weekly Rainbowsnippets for the foreseeable future, but you can check out the first #WIPpet Wednesday post from it HERE. Yes, it’s still Appalachian Paranormal Fantasy. Appalachia, if you remember from history class, was the American frontier during the mid-to-late 18th century, a lawless area of often questionable people, which is making this new story all the more enjoyable to write.

Welcome to #Rainbowsnippets*! This one is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read, so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works. This week I’m sharing from Keeping House, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series. It’s set for a July release, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m picking up where I left off last week. One of Dane’s men is sizing up Cent’s cousin, Aubrey, and Rayne, Aubrey’s water elemental spouse, is taking it personally.

Note: the first paragraph, in orange, comes from last week’s snippet.

     “He’s mine.” Rayne rose as a water pillar that blocked Aubrey from the Hunters’ view. “We’ve danced together before our land spirit so we’re wed. He’s beyond your touch!”

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#WriteLGBTQ #WIP #KeepingHouseNovel Pie

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel
The theme is supposed to be rational or irrational but I have neither in Keeping House so I’m going with the date. It’s Pi Day! Okay, so I’m technically using pie, but pi is still in there, right?




   “Lift that spell, Dane.” Cent’s hand wrapped her Seelie dagger.

   “You’re gonna stay for dessert because you didn’t eat much dinner, and Lexy’s chocolate pie is an orgasm in a flakey crust. It shouldn’t be missed. Hell, I’m even gonna take a slice to Bonnie if she’s in her head again.”

   “You’re gonna risk my leaving over pie?” Cent pressed her energy against the spell, but it draped over her like a weighted blanket, keeping her in her seat.

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy March

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is March. March right in. Ides of March. March in time. I’m dealing with the date here, which might not be exactly as intended, but I’m running (or is that marching?) with it.




Afternoon, March 6th

Venti. Ten creams, five sugars. Perfect. Conall had called to ask if she wanted some coffee, and she’d said yes. I wonder what he wants. She curled her hand around her cup, thankful for the warmth.

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#WIPpetWed #AppalachianElementals 3/13/2019 Something Brand New

Welcome to #WIPpet Wednesday*, a blog hop where authors share from their current works in progress (WIPs)!

Since Keeping House is off to the proofreader, I’m sharing a little of my latest WIP this week. It’s Historical Appalachian Fantasy set in the Revolutionary War era and the years thereafter and, yes, it’s going to be part of the #AppalachianElementals series. It’s out of sequence so it’ll definitely be a side tale, and I don’t yet know when it’ll be finished, but I already love the main character’s voice. You might not know the characters involved, yet, but they’re in Keeping House, including Cent, who’ll be appearing as a secondary character in their 19th-century male form. (Cent has been reincarnated over a hundred times, if you don’t know, so these stories tie together through her/him/them and through Embreeville Mountain, a real place near where I live in Northeast Tennessee.)

I’m striving for historical accuracy inside this story so I’m doing a lot of research on the colonial era, especially what was then the frontier, but there’s not a whole lot of written history concerning the area and this is Fantasy genre so I’m allowing myself to leave holes that require more research. But there are no holes in this #WIPpet.

Here’s my math for 3/13/2019: 3+3-2-1= the first 3 paragraphs from my new unnamed story.

     “Whatcha doin’ up that tree, Nub?” Conall scratches his head as he looks up at me. I could dot his eye with a half-rotten crab apple if I wished, but I don’t. I drop a handful of leaves in his face instead, and he swats at them like they’re swarming bees, making me laugh.

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#KeepingHouseNovel #RainbowSnippets #PromoLGBTQ Eighty-Five Go For It

It’s been a quiet week here, I suppose, at least quiet for how things have been lately. Son the younger and his new bride are in for spring break, and I’m still waiting clearance for my first knee replacement.

Welcome to #Rainbowsnippets*! This one is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read, so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works.

The release date for Keeping House has been moved to July 8th. I’m excited, but I’m also a bit nervous. No more than I’ve ever been before a new release, I suppose, but something about this novel has me tense. Content-wise, Keeping House isn’t the darkest novel I’ve ever released. No Sister’s Keeper (Taelach Sister’s series #4, 2013) takes that prize by far. Perhaps my nervousness derives from the personal nature of Keeping House. There’re more bits of myself inside the story than most of my novels. Cent has my thought processes and shares both my gender identity and sexual orientation. Dane, I’ve been told, shares my rather sharp sense of humor and tendency for one-liners (you don’t see this side of Dane until later in the novel). Stowne shares some of my insecurities. Every character in this series contains a bit of me, more than in my other series. Perhaps this is why I enjoy writing it so much, and it’s probably why the release already stresses me.

Keeping House is with the proofreader and will be available for preorder by mid-April.  (squeals in late-night, caffeinated glee) 

The Setup: I’m moving a bit forward in the chapter. Others are arriving at Stowne’s Brigid celebration circle, and Dane has spotted Betty, who’s just arrived on Pyre’s arm. And do you remember Cent’s cousin Aubrey? Well, he’s there too and Dane’s noticed him, much to Rayne’s chagrin. If you remember, Rayne and Aubrey found each other in Cleaning House. Again, if you want to know the hows and whys… Well, the cover image to your right will take you to the novel’s Amazon page. The ebook is priced at only $3.99.

Remember, Keeping House is written in third-person limited POV but a very close version, so we’re seeing everything through Cent’s eyes.

Betty Holub

     “Who the…well, what’ve we got here?” Dane raised her hand to stop one of her guards, a lean, ashen-skinned man with his dreadlocks pulled back and tucked into his coveralls, from approaching Betty. “That tall one’s a medium. She’ll see right through whatever you try, but the short, curly-haired, tan healer boy…” Dane indicated Aubrey. “Go for it if’n you want.”

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#WriteLGBTQ #WIP #KeepingHouseNovel Flash

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel
The theme is flash. A flash in the pan. In a flash. Flash a look. Flash a smile. Here, it’s Mr. Jones, one of Cent’s employers, flashing an amused smile.





“Well, Dane and Conall ain’t so bad, I guess. And Sissy’s an absolute darlin’. I think Dane’s sweet on her.” Mild amusement flashed across his face. “Ain’t none of my business, but Weeds? He’s been seein’ Ina Sue and…” His smile disappeared. “I’m pretty sure he’s dealin’ outta her trailer.”

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy Critter

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is critter. Oh, what a fun one, especially for my upcoming release Keeping House. Creeping critters. Critters in the trash. Critters… sneaky critters. Or at least Dane is calling Cent one here. BTW, swanny means the same as swear, or here, I swear.


   “I swanny, you’re right!” Dane closed her eyes. “I can see that body you had all dolled up in a flapper dress and a headband. You’re a sneaky critter.” Dane opened one eye to grin at her.

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#WIPpetWed #AppalachianElementals 3/6/2019 Like a Haint to Haunting

(Big sigh) This week has gone infinitely better than last week. We’re easing back into a routine, if we have such a thing. Youngest has come home for spring break with his girlfriend wife. Yep, they got married.  I’m suddenly an in-law. We’ll have a more formal celebration this summer. I’m not upset, more like surprised since they said they were going to wait a year. So goes life. I’m also continuing my physical therapy before my knee replacement surgery. No firm date as of yet, but we’re working on it. Hurdles are a thing, and we’ve several to cross before a date can be set.

Welcome to #WIPpet Wednesday*, a blog hop where authors share from their current works in progress (WIPs).

Here’s my WIPpet math for 2/6/2019: 6-0=6 paragraphs from Keeping House, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals Series.



Note: the portion in orange comes from last week’s WIPpet.

     “Fuck you sigils.” Cent laughed. “I’ll use then liberally, I’m certain.” She raised her hand. “And thanks for not adding anything to the dog fingers in case I need them.”

     “I’ve learned a thing or three,” said Betty.

     “You should try to get along with everyone while you’re there,” said Ivan. “‘Blessed are the peacemakers—’”

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#KeepingHouseNovel #RainbowSnippets Eighty-Four: You Wanna Pull?

It’s #Rainbowsnippets Saturday, and I’m back! But first, a bit of good news: Keeping House will be released July 8th. Yes, that’s a full month ahead of schedule, but my publisher and I want it in readers’ hands ASAP. Yay!

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks, from making plans for upcoming knee surgery, to losing a beloved four-legged family member of over fifteen years, it’s simply been tough.  So difficult that I skipped last week’s Rainbowsnippet, something I seldom do.

But that’s okay, or it will be. My spouse and I are former military so we, as the saying goes, we soldier on.

This #Rainbowsnippets* is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read, so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works.

Cent, from Cleaning House and Mama etc. is the protagonist in my current #WIP, Keeping House,  and she’s butting head with another character, Dane Gow,  she-king of the Hunter Fey,  so you’d best pay attention to the king or you might get hurt. The Wee Fey have flown into the circle now, and they’re not one bit happy that Dane’s there.

This picks up right where things left off two weeks ago, and the first line, in orange, is Dane being her wonderful self. She’s referring to the Wee Fey and, yes, this is more than six sentences, but I’m running behind so bear with me, please.

     “Lemme drink this, and we’ll bag ’em up for the trip home.” Continue reading

#WriteLGBTQ #WIP #KeepingHouseNovel Fast

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel
The theme is fast. Breaking a fast. As fast as greased lightning. A fast buck. I’m leaning more toward the second, here. Or, rather, Dane is.




“Ain’t enough, boy.” Dane grabbed him by the collar, her Glock now to Kenzie’s temple as the shadows grew over her face again. “Ah made ye, an’ Ah can unmake ye jist as fast. Tell me whit ‘at makes me tae ye.”

“My mama!” Kenzie winced when she placed her finger on the trigger.

“And you never disrespect your mama. Right, McKenzie Gow?”

#writeLGBTQ #AppalachianElementals #KeepingHouseNovel