#scifi #bookbuzz New Sci-Fi Surrogate: Hunted

Here’s a wonderful post from my publisher concerning my new release Surrogate: Hunted. It gets to the heart of what makes the Surrogate series work.

“In the mood for something unique? Surrogate: Hunted may be just what you’re looking for.

“It’s not often that I say I’ve been privileged to be part of a book’s process, but it’s true in this case. I got to work behind the scenes, and I can say this book is not like anything else I’ve read.

One of the things that make this story stand out is the attention given to details about family life. It’s not limited to one type of family or one culture. There’s deep exploration of romantic and sexual partners as well as the parent-child bond and what forms those elements of family life. Because the story spans worlds, readers can experience different types of interactions and compare them.”


I love writing Sci-Fi, especially Social Sci-Fi, but there seems to be a dearth of it these days. I want Sci-Fi that goes beyond the tech to look at the species, cultures, and families inside the story. I want those cultures to interact and sometimes clash. I want them to integrate. I want those families to be affected, to grow, and to change as a result. I want religion to influence these worlds as much as I want science too. But, most of all, I want my stories to be relatable. Yes, my protagonist is an alien, but she’s also a mom, a working mom at that, and must balance everything to make things work.

That relatability is what I love most about the Surrogate series.  😊


#RainbowSnippets Thirty-Six 2/24 A Little Help

Welcome to this week’s installment of Rainbowsnippets*! This one is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read, so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works.

This was release week for Surrogate: Hunted, and how did I spend some of it? In the hospital. Dangit. I can’t say I’m all better, but I am physically stable, at least relatively so. That said, Surrogate: Hunted was indeed released on March 1st, and I was discharged from the hospital that evening in time to do a bit of online promo. Yesterday, I notified the winners of the Surrogate: Hunted, so I think I’m all caught up for the moment. I’m hoping to get some reviews in the next couple of weeks, but there is a serious dearth of epic Bi Sci-Fi readers out there. LOL. And I thought I’d cornered myself when I wrote FF Sci-Fi.

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#fictionfriday Surrogate: Hunted Has Been Unleashed!

Surrogate: Hunted has been unleashed on the world! Seriously, I’m happy dancing here! It’s a wonderful day for new Bi Sci-Fi. Here’s what Queer Sci Fi has to say in their announcement about Surrogate: Hunted.  You can read the post below, but please go to QSF and share the love. You’ll find great authors, reviews, and so much more all with the QSF slant.

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#WIPpet Wednesday #AmWriting 2/28/18 A Wild Imagination

 What an interesting picture this is. It’s not quite what I was searching for, but it will certainly work for today’s WIPpet* in an earthly, surreal sense.

I’m having a mixed week thus far. I’ve got a new novel, Surrogate: Hunted, set for release tomorrow, and I’ll be making a few “appearances” to help spread the word, but I’m also feeling lousy. It’s a medication issue, but I must wait until late next week to see my doctor to make the needed adjustment. (um,  no. Turns out that it’s something else,  but more on that later).  It’s hard to think or hold my head straight, much less get anything in the way of new writing done. Writing is one of my biggest pleasures, so this really frustrates me. That said, let’s get to the WIPpet.

WIPpet math? Noooo. Not happening when I can’t hold my head straight without getting dizzy, but I will say that this WIPpet is 371 words in length and that it comes from Cleaning House, book one of my Appalachian Elementals series.

The Setup: In this WIPpet, I’m taking you back to when Centenary Rhodes is fifteen years old. It’s late at night, and she’s overhearing a conversation she’s not meant to, one between her Great Aunt Tess and Stowne, a friend Cent has long considered her private childhood whimsy because no one else can see or hear them.

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#bookgiveaway #RainbowSnippets Thirty-Five 2/24 First Impressions

It’s time for #Rainbowsnippets*! I’m counting down the days to the release of Surrogate: Hunted on March 1st. And, while the days are ticking away, I am excited to announce that I’m hosting an ebook giveaway to celebrate the upcoming release. I’m giving away three copies of Surrogate: Hunted, your choice of three formats, on March 1st. To enter, click the image above. It’ll open a new tab with the Rafflecopter entry instructions.

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#bookgiveaway #FictionFriday Hunted: Chapter Three

Did you notice the wording on the image above? Did you notice the word giveaway? Yes, that’s right. I’m giving away three ebook copies of Surrogate: Hunted to celebrate its upcoming release. You’ll have your choice between Mobi, PDF, or Epub formats, but if you don’t enter you won’t have any chance at all of winning. What do you have to do to enter? Click the link then drop by my Facebook Author Page. That’s it, that’s all.  Easy peasy, and you might just win.

Winners will be notified after the contest ends.

With the upcoming release of Surrogate: Hunted, and in the spirit of self-promotion, I am offering the first few chapters of Surrogate: Hunted for free, one per week, until the official release date of March 1, 2018. This week I’ll be sharing Chapter Three. This, along with Chapters One and Two, will introduce you to the world of Surrogate Series and firmly ground you in Etain Ixtii’s life so you can continue after the release date.

Surrogate: Hunted is the second novel in a series of epic, world-spanning, multi-species Sci-Fi.  You don’t need to have read the first novel in the series, Surrogate, to follow along. Indeed, each novel in the series can firmly stand on its own, but for your FYI, Surrogate was released March 1, 2017, exactly one year before Surrogate: Hunted will be released.

Here are links to the previous chapters.

Chapter One from Surrogate: Hunted

Chapter Two from Surrogate Hunted

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#WIPpet Wednesday #AmWriting 2/21/18 A Face in the Mirror

Yes, I’ve been tinkering with the cover of Cleaning House again. The changes are minor this time… the title font, spirit smoke, and the edge color are the biggest ones, but I like them.  Cleaning House is set for an August 1st release with Mountain Gap Books.

This past week has been, um, interesting to say the least. I’ve tried to keep busy, but things keep getting in my way.  Here’s a list whether you want it or not. Continue reading