Featured Author: C. H. Clepitt – My Dream Woman

C. H. Clepitt’s newest release, My Dream Woman – Guild of Dream Warriors Book One is now available.

Blurb:  When your dreams are real there’s no-where to escape!

     Andi is just holding it together. Working two jobs means she doesn’t need to rely on anyone, but doesn’t have much of a life. In her dreams, however, she is a hero: battling monsters and saving innocents. When her dream woman turns out to be very real, Andi’s life begins to spiral out of control.

Step into an exciting urban fantasy that will have you on the edge of your seat. Think The Book of Abisan, only sexier!

Available at: Amazon

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#CleaningHouseNovel #RainbowSnippets Fifty-Four 7/7: Limits

Three weeks until the release. Three weeks… crap, three weeks? Wait, I have so much to do!

Welcome to this week’s installment of Rainbowsnippets*! This one is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read, so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works.

I’m sharing again from Cleaning House. The novel is an Appalachian-set Contemporary/ Paranormal Fantasy where the past and the present are blended with a healthy dose of granny magic. The mountains are alive, and a little moonshine can cure what ails you.

The Setup:  Cent’s having an early-morning conversation with Betty, who she’s met during the last year and someone who’s become very important to her.

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#CleaningHouseNovel Meet the Characters Number 9: The Wee Faeries

Ninth, in my post series about the characters in Cleaning House  – An Appalachian Contemporary Fantasy, comes The Wee Faeries. No, that’s not a single character. The Wee Fae are a group, a magical part of the novel. They’re tiny, persnickety, and innocently mischevious unless you tick them off, then they bite hard, sometimes in groups. Tinkerbell, they are not.

1) Name/Nickname – Wee Faeries, Wee Fae

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#CleaningHouseNovel #1lineWed Fireworks

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet #1lineWed post. The theme is fireworks, but I’m taking a little poetic license.

   “What you starin’ at, girlie?” Dane gave Cent a hard, thin-lipped smile. “See somethin’ you like?”
    “No.” Cent turned her head away.
    “Yeah, sure. Like I was sayin’, I ain’t thrilled about being here tonight and for the Samhain circle both, but Stowne sparked my interest.”

#amwriting #WIP #1lineWed

#CleaningHouseNovel #WIPpet Wednesday #WIPitWed 7/4/18 Singed

It’s hot here in Tennessee. Dang hot. A want to stay inside in the comfy AC sort of hot.

One might even say singed, but that’s not why I’ve used the word in this week’s WIPpet subject line.

Twenty-seven days to go until Cleaning House is released, that’s it. This is by far the most involved promotion set up I’ve ever been involved in, but it’s slowly paying off. I’ve already had a decent number of pre-orders, and I’ve managed to find some reviewers. Most of those reviews won’t appear right at the release, but they’ll be up during the release month. Here’s hoping the rest develops organically. (insert nervous grimace here)

This is an incredible amount of work to do on your own, and at times I feel I’m a fish totally out of water, but that’s okay. It’s getting done exactly as I want, and I like having this much control for once. Bad part is… If something gets screwed up, I’m the only one to blame.

It’s WIPpet Wednesday*, and I’m sharing from Cleaning House, which will soon lose its WIP (work-in-progress) status.

Here’s this week’s WIPpet math – 7/4/2018 – 1, 0, 7-4=3. That’s 103 words from Cleaning House – A Contemporary Appalachian Fantasy.

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Featured Author: Jackson Marsh – The Stoker Connection

Jackon Marsh’s novel, The Stoker Connection, is now available in both ebook and print formats. (Make certain you read to the end to find a great giveaway opportunity)

Blurb:  What if you could prove that the greatest Gothic horror novel of all time was a true story?

Dexter and Morgan meet on their eighteenth birthday. The attraction is instant but confusing. As they deal with coming out, they are bound together by more than first love.

Both keep diaries, and each has the same goal – to prove that Stoker didn’t write ‘Dracula’. They are convinced that Harker, Van Helsing and the others existed and wrote the novel’s journals themselves. If Dex and Morgan can prove it, they will blow the lid off the vampire myth: Dracula existed.

As the two teenagers fall in love, so they fall into an adventure as thrilling as it is dangerous. They are being watched, and someone is willing to kill to stop them from making ‘The Stoker Connection.’

     The Stoker Connection is an MM Romance treasure hunt thriller. It draws on the original text of ‘Dracula’, but it is not a story about vampires. It is a story of first love and the power of friendship. Sometimes funny, it is an intriguing and honest account compiled from Dex and Morgan’s original diaries.

Available at:    Amazon Print    Amazon Ebook

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