#Rainbowsnippets Sixteen 10/7: Unsuitable

Welcome to this week’s Rainbow Snippet! We’re up in Kentucky this weekend, visiting younger son in the midst of his first semester away at college. It’s dinner together on Friday, breakfast on Saturday followed by a trip to Walmart to help him with a few needs. After that, my Anna and I will give him hugs then head back home. It’s almost mid-terms for him, and we most certainly aren’t getting in the way of his studies!

For this week’s #RainbowSnippet*, I am again sharing from Surrogate: HuntedI’m still waiting for the edits at this point, but I suspect there won’t be a lot to revise. *crosses fingers*

Feel free to read and comment, but when you’re done head over to the RainbowSnippets Facebook Page and read snippets from a host of great LGBTQ+ authors.

Note: Taklas are the native species of Takran, the world Etain has grown to call home. Taklas are humanoid mammals, but they’re more tied to the water than we Humans are. Etain’s autalaci, Leigheas, and her ottonol, Dresh, are both Taklas. However, they are not on this journey with her.

The setup: Etain and Brigit’s situation is quickly becoming dire.

     The six Taklas across the hanger were arranged so Blue Cloak could inspect them, sniffing each — “Sntcha. Clthrc.”— before proceeding to the next.

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#WIPpet Wednesday #Amwriting 6 Hours Before Part Two: 10/4/17

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday! If you’re familiar with my WIPpets then you’ve probably noticed that I updated the cover for Surrogate: Traditions again. When I said I might hone the cover even more, I meant it… and I really like the results, but, knowing me, I might tinker more with it later. The manuscript isn’t with the publisher yet, so I have time.

This week’s WIPpet Wednesday* again comes from Surrogate Traditions, the third novel in the Surrogate Series.

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#Writerslife #Writegoal September Roundup & October Goals

This is where I look back at my September goals… it’s honesty time.

Before: September looks to be a quieter month in my house… maybe, but some things simply can’t be predicted.

End of the month reflection: Bwahaha! Famous last words. This month has been very chaotic. Doctor visits, new computer, just a myriad of issues.  It’s called life, and, yes, it did effect my September goals to some extent.

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Surrogate Sunday: Etain Aesthetics

A blog aesthetic, or in this case, a character aesthetic is a glance at a work to give the reader both a visual and written overview, a snapshot if you will. I stole this idea from Sophie over at Sophie’s Corner, and it’s a good one. Why? Because it gives the reader two key things:

  1. a keyword list which helps to define the character

  2. a visual sense the character’s world/life without creating spoilers

Last week, I explored the overall aesthetics of the first novel in the Surrogate series, Surrogate. You can read that post HERE.

This week, I’m focusing in on one character, the series’ protagonist, Etain Ixtii.

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#RainbowSnippets Fifteen 9/30: No Protection

We’ve had a crazy, busy week here in NE TN, and now it’s the first of the month, which means more running. We’ll try to keep things to a minimum, but it’s hard. Bills must be paid. Groceries must be bought. All the normal things can become daunting tasks when you’re both disabled. However…

Today is Saturday, and that means it’s time for a new Rainbowsnippet*!

The Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook is “for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).”

This week’s RainbowSnippet comes from Surrogate: Hunted.

When you’re done reading here, why not head on over to the Rainbow Snippets FB page and read Snippets from other great LGBT authors? You won’t be disappointed.

The Setup: Etain, Brigit, Mateo, and Mateo’s son, Robert, are quickly coming to realize the seriousness of their situation and have learned that their captors speak Etain’s native tongue, Alyward, fluently. They also know a little Terran Common, a future variant of several Earth languages that is the basis of trade within the Human-Takla Empire. The question is, where did these creatures learn either language?

     “Go.” The creature shoved Etain toward Brigit, Robby, and Mateo.

     “How do they know you’re Alyward?” whispered Brigit when Etain rejoined them.

     “No talk!” A white cloak pushed a metal rod against Brigit’s leg. Electricity popped when it made contact, and Brigit spasmed with pain, landing on the fake-path floor at Etain’s feet.

     Robby reached for Brigit, but his father pulled him back, shaking his head and mouthing no.

You can catch up on other Surrogate: Hunted #RainbowSnippets HERE.

#WIPpet Wednesday #Amwriting 9/27/17: 6 Hours Before

I’m having an eye exam this afternoon, so I get to be a wide-eyed owl all evening. It’ll be good to have new glasses, but I also receive a new laptop today as well. A notebook computer, really, good thing I ordered a larger screen!

But, let’s get down to business.

This week’s WIPpet* comes from Surrogate: Traditions, the third novel in the Surrogate Series.

Here’s my WIPpet math: Month 9

5+ 4 = 9 so, I’m adding a zero to that five and four to create 540. Enough words for this necessarily longer WIPpet. I generally keep my WIPpets to a shorter length, but this scene– you’ll see why soon enough.

The Setup: Etain finally gets to see the damage outside the palace for herself. And Leigheas, what he has done…he’s only beginning to understand the repercussions of it all.

Character reminder: Jon Simons and Kalli Cho, a married Human pair, are included in this scene. They’re both royal physicians, Upland and Merch’s private physicians to be specific, and they’ve elected to stay because Upland is in extremely frail health. Jon and Kalli’s children, like Etain’s, are in the Cycalk Znyrs town of New Slydrra Za in hopes they’ll avoid the virus that has been ravaging the human populous.

     “See, Uncle Aera?” Etain laid her head to Aerachin’s shoulder. “I told you they had thought ahead.”

     “I’d say so.” He managed a smile. “So, no one can get in?”

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Reblog: Science Fiction, Identity, and Inclusivity

This. Yes! This! Because. This. Because someone gets it. Because someone understands and embraces my exploration of removing labels and what it can do to a society, to a world, to a species itself in Surrogate.

Science Fiction, Identity, and Inclusivity by Amy Leibowitz

As we wrap up our month of celebrating science fiction, we’re also celebrating the “birth” of a new edition of Star Trek. ST: Discovery premiered last night. One episode aired on network television, and the rest will be available through subscription streaming… READ MORE