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Input v. Expected Outcomes: One Author’s Social Media Burnout and What They’re Doing to Combat it

So what’s an author to do? (Insert deep cleansing breath here)



Creativity, Disability, and Adaptation: My Personal Journey

My creative drive is very much intact. I was a writer and artist before this all began and I still am, but the tools I use have changed.





Line in the Sand: How to Lose Support From Another Author

It’s pushy. It’s a high-pressure tactic. It’s using your position within the writing community to obtain free promo from someone. It’s not simply business. It’s bad author behavior.



Brain Drain and the Author: The Occasional Necessity of Pulling Back from Social Media

This review, you see, was but a catalyst, a thought-provoking reminder that some people don’t share my ethics, while this woman’s hateful, trollish response to my post proved to be a tipping point. (And before you say, but Jeanne… it was a lack of courtesy, not the review itself that threw me.)




Stars on Thars: The Good, Bad, and Laughable in Reviews

Reviews are only words. Yes, words can hurt a great deal, but these words come from people you’ve probably never met and will probably never meet.



Well, that Hurt: 20 Ways to Navigate Twitter as an Author with Less Pain and Anguish

These aren’t quick-fix solutions that’ll give you lots of followers and engagement. Rather, these are survival tips.



Writerly ways to Sever Toxic Relationships in Your Life

We all have someone in our life who, even from a distance, is fully capable of sucking the life out of us. It’s more than a matter of keeping distance or holding your relationship at arm’s length. Rather, it’s your shoulders creep to your ears at their mere mention. You can’t deal with this relationship for whatever reason. It’s triggering, it’s hurtful, and you need to cut all the ties that bind you.



Ten Things to Know Before Adding a Non-Binary Character to Your Story

Authors, if you add a non-binary character into your story, please take the following into consideration…



Where do you Find Creative Inspiration?

There has to be something to set the creative juices flowing. The question is, what’s yours? (that you’re willing to share)



Yet Another Blog Post About the Need for Diversity in Writing

Diversity means a lot of different things but for the purposes of this post, I’m talking about diversity in fiction and what we, as authors, can do to make it the norm. I’ll save you the spiel as to why we need diverse books. Rather, I’m going to share some simple tips to help you be more inclusive in your stories.



The Real Struggle to Define my Writing or A Guide to Plot Bunny Fur

Why can’t I be consistent? I’ve asked my writer self this question countless times over the past nearing twenty years and the answer has always been the same. Because it happens. Because plot bunnies can and should reproduce. Because. Because. Because…



The Art of the Press Release

So how do you write a press release? What goes in it? The KISS method works best. And there are any number of sites and templates out there to tell you how to create a press release.



Writing What You Know… or Not: One Author’s Experience

I’ve been writing since my childhood and publishing for thirteen years, a long time for the former and a while for the latter. I’m going to use numbers and bullets to make my experiences understandable and, hopefully, relatable.



Book Promotion and the Disabled Author

How do I, as a differently-abled author, handle book promotion? Here’s my go-to list along with some explanations and tips that I hope will help other authors long their way.



Researching your Novel – My Experience and a Few Words of Advice

I’m a retired college English instructor who taught research writing. (clears her throat) Now that I’ve established myself as a reasonable authority on the subject of research, let’s talk about doing research for your novel.



Showing Text Conversations

Texting is a part of modern society and,  while it should appear in contemporary fiction there aren’t, as of now, any rules concerning how to format those messages inside your story. Personally, I could care less how an author shows text conversations as long as they’re consistent and easy to read. But let me backtrack.