#PoetryTues #Poem Requiem 2118: In Remembrance of Gender 1/9/18



Requiem 2118: In Remembrance of Gender

We once hurled binary at ourselves so hard it adhered

Lashed he/she to our souls and to each other

Based strictly on our parts

Even as the relevance slipped away


We taught that male and female were separate

Hearth keeper or hunter— you were what your parts dictated

When someone claimed both (or neither) we grew afraid

And tried to smother them beneath stereotypes


Now binary has unfurled into a spectrum

We’ve decoded, evolved beyond our birth parts

And spread our wings atop our old labels

Killing limitation with our beautifully-balanced flight


A Lesson in Unprofessional Behavior: Weathering the Publication of “Monstering 101”


My poem  “Monstering 101” is now available at the online literary mag Monstering. It’s linked to the site’s categories Ableism and Body Horror. Think about that for a minute then consider Monstering’s masthead: Disabled Women and Nonbinary People Celebrating Monsterhood.

Publishing this poem has been a process, and not one I necessarily care to repeat. Some people’s version of professional behavior and mine are far different. Excuses ran thin, and I seriously considered pulling the work because of it, but, in the end, I created the poem in response to Monstering’s call for submissions, so that is where it should stay.

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#PoetTues #Poem “A Pansexual’s Response to Negation” 9/5/17

We can’t love he then she?

Then, perhaps, both in one?

Or the nonbinary?

Who says?

Where is this rule written?

In some fool’s walled-off brain?

In some researcher’s skewed case study?

In an obsolete text intent on control?

Were we pans even consulted?

The answer doesn’t matter

Love, as they say, is love

Opinions, studies, and texts have no bearing

The heart must decide for itself

Jaded Catharsis #PoetTues 7/18


Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash


Jaded Catharsis 


I was told

Again and again

That my illness

Was in my head

 – A delusion for attention


Basket case

Conversion Syndrome

You’re a lost cause

Now go away

 – But I wouldn’t listen


Today, I heard different

A new doc listened

Saw my puzzle

And did tests

 – That repeated my words


This, I appreciate

But now I worry


A time bomb of physician neglect

 – Even this doctor is mad


What they overlooked

Cannot be undone

It’s permanent

I’m impaired

 – But I’m certainly not dead


Dear Former Doctors,

When you stopped listening

You stopped seeing me

I’m no easy answer

So you threw me away

-May you reap what you’ve so tragically sown