#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy March

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is March. March right in. Ides of March. March in time. I’m dealing with the date here, which might not be exactly as intended, but I’m running (or is that marching?) with it.




Afternoon, March 6th

Venti. Ten creams, five sugars. Perfect. Conall had called to ask if she wanted some coffee, and she’d said yes. I wonder what he wants. She curled her hand around her cup, thankful for the warmth.

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy Critter

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is critter. Oh, what a fun one, especially for my upcoming release Keeping House. Creeping critters. Critters in the trash. Critters… sneaky critters. Or at least Dane is calling Cent one here. BTW, swanny means the same as swear, or here, I swear.


   “I swanny, you’re right!” Dane closed her eyes. “I can see that body you had all dolled up in a flapper dress and a headband. You’re a sneaky critter.” Dane opened one eye to grin at her.

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy: Sick

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is sick or illness. I chose the first. Sick at heart. Sick in the head. Sick abed. There are a whole lot of ways to show this word, and here’s mine.





   “Was this made in… a radiator?” Cent doubled over, holding her gut to still the burn. “How do you drink that rotgut?”

   “If it’ll peel paint, I like it.” Dane smacked her knee and rocked with laughter. “And if it were radiator-made, it’d make even one of us sick so we got proper stills. You want some grape juice to make a Purple Jesus?”

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#1lineWed #amwriting #Paranormal #Fantasy: Clothing

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is clothes or clothing. I chose the latter because being unexpectantly caught without your clothing makes for some interesting fiction.





Cent looked up, horrified when she realized where she was. Guns hung from a half-dozen racks, deer antlers were being used as clothing hooks, and welding caps were scattered everywhere. “This is Dane’s room!” She pulled the straw from the mug and downed most of the water, gagging as she pulled her blankets to her chin. “I’m awake. I don’t need bitters. Let’s go.”

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#1lineWed #amwriting #Paranormal Fly

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is fly. Fly me to the moon. Fly on the wall. Fly away home. Take flight. This fly is of the winged fey sort because my Appalachian Elementals series rolls flies like that.




“You can’t, admit it.” Dane surged forward to grab Cent around the waist, forcing her wings to roll then tuck as Exan and Pyre’s grips fell away. “Your spirit form can fly, but your real wings are puny. Best hold on, or I’ll let you fall.”

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#1lineWed #amwriting #Paranormal Second Chance

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is second chance. I’m not using the exact wording here, I’m using second chance in context so read between the lines.






One. Two. Three. The song repeated in their heads, and they pressed together. Their bodies were dancing too, Cent realized, small movements, Dane holding her by the waist while Cent’s hand rested on her shoulder. This wasn’t a memory. This was now. They’d overcome the past and were cutting into new territory.

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#1lineWed #amwriting #Fantasy Letter

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is letter. Well, not quite. Letter is another one of those non-existent words in my manuscript. Hey, I can’t use all of them, can I? Say no, and realize that I replaced letter with message. This tiny bit of a much larger story comes from my upcoming release Keeping House, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series.


     It ends.

     Nae more.

     Th’ rightful king is ensconced.

     Th’ natural order has been disrupted by one of us.

     All those messages flowed through Cent’s body as smoke filled the Great Hall and the metal throne erupted into flames.

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#1lineWed #amwriting #ownvoices Treasure

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is treasure. Mine is not a treasure of wealth but a treasure of the heart (syrupy but true when it comes to my current WIP). This comes from my upcoming release Keeping House, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series.




“You’ve already given me so much today.”

   “None as important as this.” Stowne held out their hand, palm up, as something rose from within it. A ring. A simple gold band holding a piece of polished limestone. A part of me you can keep with you at all times. Stowne flexed their hand so the ring stood on end and rolled between their fingers.

   “A wedding band?” Cent’s eyes brimmed with tears again. “I thought we’d agreed…” She held out her hand when Stowne’s gaze became pleading. “I’ll treasure it.”

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#1LineWed #amwriting #WIP Fantasy

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is fantasy, not difficult for a Sci-Fi and Fantasy author but, wait, I have to find it within the text of my novel? Hmm. There were only three in a 127K story, and   here’s one of them.




   “Walmart towel.” Cent held it out to inspect it, disappointed because it was exactly like the one she used at home. Why had she expected something better inside Dane’s kingdom? Because it was a kingdom, that’s why. There should be something romantic and mystical about living in a fairy kingdom, but there obviously wasn’t. I’m in a tunnel and living among fey. That’s something, I guess.

   But she was fey now too, which sliced the edge off the fantasy, and Dane was no Prince, King, or anything else Charming.

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#1LineWed #amwriting #WIP Travel

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is fun, travel, and adventure.  I’m plucking the travel out and applying it something practical, a mug.  Hey, that’s sticking to the theme, perhaps not as intended, but there it is.




    “Cent’s in here.” Aubrey reentered the kitchen with Conall behind him. “He’s come in search of coffee.”

     “Lexy’s got her drawers in a wad this mornin’.” Conall pulled off his ballcap and held out a Gow Welding travel mug. “You mind?”

     “How can we say no to that handsome face?” Tess took his mug and went to the live room.

FYI: live room refers to the homestead’s kitchen addition where the appliances are located. Live as in electricity.

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