#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy: May

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet #1lineWed post. The theme is may. May Day. May I?  Mother, may I? (Remember that game?) Come what may. Be that as it may. There are lots of ways to take this one, but this one is taking an insidious turn.




“Ye fancy her?” King Duff considers the Tsalagi woman then Dane’s soft curves beneath her skirts, offering her one of his most dashing, dangerous smiles. “Aye, sweet Dane, ye may chain her in yer room, a proper pet if th’ deal suits me.”

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy: Sinner

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet #1lineWed post. The theme is sinner. Saints and sinners. Ugly as sin. Bitter as sin. Wages of sin. Sin is sin here, and Dane and Cent are standing on the edge of it.





   “You know I was playin’ with my note about shavin’ your head, right? I was just tryin’ to piss off Stowne.”

   “Were you?” Cent turned her face into Dane’s hand, inhaling avocado oil, iron, and wintergreen. “We’re both married.” She tried to turn away, but Dane caught her, turning her back.

   “Aye, we are, but it don’t change history.” Dane moved her hand to cradle Cent’s chin. “It don’t change the past.”

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy: Myth

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet #1lineWed post. The theme is myth, but I’m running with the idea, not the specific word. A myth is a traditional story, so I’m showing a bit of a Hunter Fey myth as told by their king, Dane.





   Dane emptied her moonshine jar and tossed it into the air, where it disappeared. “We come from Scotland, lads, lasses, and those who claim neither, both, or somewheres betwixt. Hunters are the third fey court, the one no one speaks about, the one written outta history.” She shushed the boos and hisses rising around her. “Yeah, I know. It’s a cryin’ shame too because we’re the best of them all.”

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy: Enemy

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is enemy. Enemy mine. Enemy of the state. Frenemies.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.





   “Do not speak to me like Dane talks to her wives and girlfriends.”

   “Dane doesn’t have any girlfriends, and she’s faithful to her wives.” Why’d I… Cent had defended Dane’s honor to her own spouse, one of Dane’s rivals if not enemies.

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy: Friend

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is friend. Best friends. Friends ’til the end. Friendly conversation… a friendly dance. That’s where I’m taking it, anyway.





     “You like him and Bea, doncha?” asked Dane.

     “I like them enough for a friendly dance. And I like Sissy. And Ceardach. Lexy’s growing on me too, the grumpy, frumpy ol’ cuss, even though she lies.” Cent took the lid from her drink and blew across the cup before she took a sip.

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy Green

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is green, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day last weekend, I’m certain. Greenbacks. Green around the gills. Green as pond scum.  Mint green… maybe wintergreen? Yes, I’m going with wintergreen here.




     “Your breath stinks like nasty-ass snuff.” Cent pulled her hand back only after Dane did.

     “It’s wintergreen, and you’ll get used to it.” Dane ran her tongue over her teeth before her smile returned. “I like buttin’ heads with you. I always have.”

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy March

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is March. March right in. Ides of March. March in time. I’m dealing with the date here, which might not be exactly as intended, but I’m running (or is that marching?) with it.




Afternoon, March 6th

Venti. Ten creams, five sugars. Perfect. Conall had called to ask if she wanted some coffee, and she’d said yes. I wonder what he wants. She curled her hand around her cup, thankful for the warmth.

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy Critter

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is critter. Oh, what a fun one, especially for my upcoming release Keeping House. Creeping critters. Critters in the trash. Critters… sneaky critters. Or at least Dane is calling Cent one here. BTW, swanny means the same as swear, or here, I swear.


   “I swanny, you’re right!” Dane closed her eyes. “I can see that body you had all dolled up in a flapper dress and a headband. You’re a sneaky critter.” Dane opened one eye to grin at her.

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#1lineWed #PromoLGBTQ #Paranormal #Fantasy: Sick

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is sick or illness. I chose the first. Sick at heart. Sick in the head. Sick abed. There are a whole lot of ways to show this word, and here’s mine.





   “Was this made in… a radiator?” Cent doubled over, holding her gut to still the burn. “How do you drink that rotgut?”

   “If it’ll peel paint, I like it.” Dane smacked her knee and rocked with laughter. “And if it were radiator-made, it’d make even one of us sick so we got proper stills. You want some grape juice to make a Purple Jesus?”

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#1lineWed #amwriting #Paranormal #Fantasy: Clothing

Here’s another short-‘n-sweet  #1lineWed post. The theme is clothes or clothing. I chose the latter because being unexpectantly caught without your clothing makes for some interesting fiction.





Cent looked up, horrified when she realized where she was. Guns hung from a half-dozen racks, deer antlers were being used as clothing hooks, and welding caps were scattered everywhere. “This is Dane’s room!” She pulled the straw from the mug and downed most of the water, gagging as she pulled her blankets to her chin. “I’m awake. I don’t need bitters. Let’s go.”

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