The Surrogate Series


Surrogate Series #1 (March 2017)

 “A thinking worker is bad business.”

Worker. Trade Agent. Serf. Etain Ixtii detests the labels others give her, but there are some things she must accept. She was genetically designed to do specific tasks. Her breeding instincts interrupt her life every forty-five days. But workers like Etain are taught not to question so when she returns from training questioning her home world Gno’s profit-based caste system, she risks her life.

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Surrogate: Hunted

Surrogate Series #2: (Expected release March 2018)

Sequel to the epic, world-spanning Surrogate.

Alien Scum. Royal Concubine. Destroyer of Traditions. Alyward Etain Ixtii detests the hate-wielding labels others place on her, but there is one label she wholeheartedly embraces—Mom. With her husband, Leigheas, their five children, and her goddaughter relying on her, Etain manages a careful balance between her family, her diplomatic career, and her problematic, opinionated breeding instinct dubbed She-Beast. But balance can’t help when Etain and her Human goddaughter, seventeen-year-old Brigit Feney, must run for their lives.

Brigit and Etain have been abducted and transported via stolen wormhole technology to the planet Clkya, where the primary government, Clkya Sa, sees them as meat-production livestock. When the militaristic Znyrs religious cult offers protection from the Cycalk meat markets, Etain accepts Call Yaltan Stra Ttla and her wife Yalntry Sar’s assistance and eventual affections, ensuring Brigit’s survival while denying herself thoughts of family and She-Beast her greatest desire—fellow captive, multi-lingual entomologist and Earth pagan, Mateo Sato.

However, Etain’s dreams and She-Beast’s cravings will be destroyed if Clkya Sa has its way. The blood-thirsty government wants its livestock returned and the Znyrs eliminated so they’re colluding with Etain’s old enemy, Usurer Serria, to accomplish their goals.

The hunt is on and survival is the only option.


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Surrogate: Traditions – in rewrites

Dead and gone. Gone and dead. Everything Etain Ixtii values, her family, her circle, her life as she knows it, has been torn apart by a cataclysmic terrorist plot.

Takla Traditionalists, who sought to rid their home world from alien influence, have failed. Some of the Human populous has survived their biological attack, the Cycalk and Alyward refugees have remained to aid their Human allies, and the insectoid Panpobal, who came to Takran with Etain, are flourishing despite the Traditionalist’s attempts to poison their nests. They’re evolving faster than anyone expected, and Etain is evolving with them.

But before she can accept the changes, mourn her losses, and rebuild her family, Etain must bring one of her own circle members to justice– even if it means a dangerous journey into the dark waters of Below’s Treenor Sea to find him.


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