Art Journal

A collection of pages from my multimedia art journal, constructed by arthritic hands as a form of art therapy on high pain days. It’s my way of coping, and I’m choosing to share some of the high points with you. When I reach twenty entries, I will compile the entries into a book, giving each book a link. The current, working book will be open to this page.

No links available at this time so enjoy the working work.

5/18/20 Bloom: (Inspired by mixed media artist Shawn Petite) paper layering, acrylic paint, pen, tissue paper,


Open Sky
5/5/20 Open Sky: Paper layering, stencil, acrylic paint, parchment scraps. pen, watercolor pencil


Early May, 20 – What’s Next: paper, acrylic paint/


4/28/20 Rooted in Text – paper layering, quotes, fine-line marker, permanent marker, pen, acrylics, watercolor pencils, distress crayons


4/26/2020 Vintage Spring – acrylics, stenciling, tea bags, watercolor pencils, distress markers, pen, scrapbook paper, copy paper


4/24/2020 Shelved – scrapbook paper, charcoal, distress crayon, pen, watercolor pencils, acrylics, fine line markers


4/23/2020 Dream on – acrylics, pen, watercolor, stenciling


4/21/2020 In the Garden or Ode to Sammy, (acrylic, paper, stencil, pen watercolor, distress crayons)


4/19/2020 Flowers, Vines, and Succulents (collage, watercolor, acrylics, pen, stencil, distress crayon)



No Earthly Place Beckons… (tea bags, paper collage, watercolors, distress crayons, acrylics)


Take the Long Way Home [thoughts on my children so far away] (tea grounds, acrylics, paper, coffee)
A Friendly Little Town (collage, layered paper, acrylics, chalk pen, watercolors)


Stronger Than You Think – A Little Self Reassurance (acrylics, watercolors, paper collage, distress crayon)


Stained Glass Tree (paper collage, line art, watercolor, distress crayon, electronic medium)


Splotchy Birds #2 (paper collage, watercolors, line art, electronic medium, acrylics)