What do you write?

I write multi-cultural, diverse social (AKA soft) Science Fiction. My stories are full of LGBTQ, heterosexual, multi-cultural, and differently-abled characters who go on dangerously awesome adventures with their family and friends. Space-time surely isn’t filled with only straight, white Humans so why should the stories only be?

Why diverse characters?

Why not? Earth is a diverse place so the worlds outside of Earth are probably just as, if not more, diverse.

Wouldn’t you sell more books if you stuck to “traditional”Sci-Fi ?

I have received this question several times and my answer is always the same: if you write solely for the money then you’re doing it wrong.  I write what I think needs said, and the characters in my head won’t accept anything less.

Do you go to conferences or do book signings/tours?

No to the first and seldom to the second and both for the same reason. I live with a sundae of auto-immune conditions topped with the bright red cherry of a neurological disorder. My golden rule is “thou shalt not wake the beast,” and my neurological condition is my beast. If I aggravate that b**** she’ll bite me, and I’ll end up with my eyes locked shut and my toes touching the back of my neck for hours on end. Not fun, but no neurological problem is an enjoyable experience.

 I do an occasional signing or appearance near my home and even those are sporadic, so my online presence is necessarily larger.