Side Effects Monday Two: Ten More Tags

Another Monday, another neuro-side-effects Monday. I won’t complain about it. I’m actually lucky to be able to take this medication here in the U.S. as a disabled person but, unfortunately, my future access to it is now at risk (you can blame my home state’s changing insurance assistance guidelines for that one). Hopefully, the situation will straighten out before I am unable to obtain a refill due to the copay cost. Hopefully…. I’ll leave it at this: the medication works. I need it. There will be a noticeable decline in my health without it so my fingers are crossed.

On to the tags. I made another ten this week, again with a botanical/ butterfly theme. This will complete the series. Again, they have a book or music page background (sometimes both to create a patchwork pattern), napkin decoupage, and hand-drawn embellishments. They’re 2 1/4″x 5 1/2″ and will include sari silk ribbons when they become available in March.

T014 Botanical/Butterfly Tag Set

Slow, careful work for a slow day. I’ll be sharing examples of my Monday work two-three times a month for as long as I’m on this medication routine.

Make lemonade out of those brain-foggy lemons.

There’ll be another #Rainbowsnippets this week, BTW. Look for it on Saturday. Until then, friends…

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