Side Effects Monday One: Ten Tags

Hi again, I’m Jeanne G’Fellers. I’m an author and mixed media artist who is also living the disabled creative life. Part of this life means that every Sunday before bed I inject myself with a biological medication that helps fight Sjogren’s Syndrome, the autoimmune disease trying to wreck my nervous system. The biological makes my Monday’s rather, shall we say, messy, so I’ve taken to spending the day almost exclusively in my recliner working on small, crafty projects, and not my writing or more typical artworks due to brain fog and fatigue. These small crafty works are cathartic in that they take my mind off the variable side effects until they fade in the early evening.

Since I will be opening a storefront for my artwork in March, I’ve decided to include my Monday work as well, including the set of tags below. They’re 2 1/4″x 5 1/2″ and will include sari silk ribbons when they become available in March.

T013 Butterflies, Birds, and Botanical Tag Set

Slow, careful work for a slow day. I’ll be sharing examples of my Monday work two-three times a month for as long as I’m on this medication routine.

Make lemonade out of those lemons.

P.S. For those who have been missing my writing, that’ll be back this Saturday with a brand new #Rainbowsnippets. (big grin)

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