#PoetTuesday on Monday: A Laughing Reminder

Yeah, it’s Monday. Yeah, I’m technically on hiatus. Yeah, a whole lot of things, but this has been rolling around in my head since yesterday so I put pen to paper, so to speak, this morning.

A Laughing Reminder


I know that laugh far too well.

And it makes me cringe.

Years ago, I swore I’d never see it applied to me again.

Penniless undergrad parent,

I spent over thirty hours on three portraits

Only to hear, “At least you got my eyes right.”

Or some such cutting phrase.

It’s a blur of wedged between other hurts

Clinging to those years,

But I never saw those portraits again.


I vowed I’d never give share that part of myself with you.

At least then I’d never allow that specific pain.

A sense of control, though small, pulled from years when so much felt out of my control.


Enter 2020, a renewed vigor for art, a reclaiming of skills, a need to create amid destruction.

The first clue came in May, a small piece brought a dismissive smile to your lips.

I waved it off because I needed to create and others have displayed what I’ve given them.

But my second this year, a gift for two, brought that laugh again.

And I’ve never been happier for social distancing.

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