Featured Author: Aurora Lee Thornton: All Or None

Hi all, I’m on hiatus until 10/1, but I’m dropping in today to feature author Aurora Lee Thornton and xyr novel All or None. (P.S. I like the featured image meme. LOL.)

Release Date: Friday, May 15, 2020

Format: Paperback, eBook

Is This Book Romance?: No

ISBN: 9781393484752


Price: 2.99 ebook/ 15.00 paperback

Word Count: 87000

Cover Artist: Aurora Lee Thornton

Genres: Fantasy

Pairings: Primary: m|m, secondary: mf, ff, ffm, mm

LGBTQ+ Identities: ace, demi, bi/pan, gay, lesbian, non-binary, poly, trans woman

Is This Part of a Series?: Yes

Series Title: Star Stories

Position (Number) in Series: 1

Warnings: harm to children, physical and psychological abuse, implied (off-page) rape, violence, mature language, minors in implied sexual situations (teenaged romance), implied sexual situations, bigotry towards fictional races, and suggestive language

Book BlurbIn a world where everyone has a soulmate, uniquely powerful mage Royiora and reluctant assassin Kalo collide in the worst of ways.

Royiora Daralkaen, the only mage alive able to use all five kinds of magic, has a near idyllic childhood in the country of Porescalia – before war breaks out with their antagonistic neighbors, Kloria.

Kalo Porla, a naturally magic-proof individual known as a Null, is trained to be an assassin by the authoritarian empire known as the Domain.

When Kalo and his partner assassin are sent to kill a mage and his apprentice, it starts a journey neither man was prepared to begin.

Non-Exclusive Excerpt:  Is this our destination? Roy considered, but chose to wait to find out.

His assumption turned out to be correct, as Kalo sighed in relief when he saw it, leading the way right to the door and knocking.

A woman of Kalo’s race answered it, even with the same red skin and gray hair. She laughed and pulled his soulmate into a hug when she saw him, before pulling back and flicking his ear with something even Roy recognized as an admonishment.

The assassin replied something tiredly, walking past the woman with the slight limp he’d had for the past week or so.

Then she turned to the mage, and in perfect Porescalian said, “And you must be my brother’s soulmate. Hello, I’m Rela.”

Roy flinched in surprise, then cleared his throat and shook the proffered hand, “Yes, uh… I’m Royiora.”

“Do you shorten it?” Rela asked, ushering him inside, “I read most Porescalian men do.”

“Um, yes,” the Porescalian man replied, “I usually go by Roy.”

The horned woman nodded, half pushing him past high vaulted halls into another room, “You must be freezing – come on, let’s get you something warm to drink. I’m sure you have plenty of questions Kalo couldn’t answer.”

Roy didn’t get a word in until after Rela had taken the borrowed coat and replaced it with a surprisingly warm blanket, sitting him at a table in what appeared to be a study or classroom with the promised hot drink.

“There are warmth runes inside the stuffing,” someone said, and then a strange-looking man with six arms and blue skin hung down from the ceiling. Unlike Rela and Kalo, he had purple glowing eyes, and held out one of his arms, “Hello, I’m Xia – Rela’s one of my soulmates, and this is our home.”

“Uh, hello,” the mage said, shaking as he looked up at the rest of the man’s insectoid body clinging to the ceiling, “I’m… Roy.”

“Nice to meet you, Roy,” Xia said, skittering over a bit to lower himself to the ground, “Rela and I took the trouble of learning your language some time ago, as our other two soulmates appear to be Porescalian as well.”

“And Kalo asked me to translate his soul writing when we were kids,” Rela said, sitting across from Roy, “He was so very excited to meet you, you know. Though, judging by the state of the two of you, I’m guessing it wasn’t under happy circumstances.”

“Not… exactly, no,” Roy said, feeling comfortably warm for the first time in a while. He took a sip of the drink – it was oddly nutty, but enjoyable nonetheless, “Uh… what… is Kalo?”

Rela snorted, “A bit of a pain in the ass, honestly.”

Xia laughed and went over to the chalkboard in the room. He cleared it with a bit of arcane magic, and started drawing, “Kalo is what we call a ‘null’ – magic doesn’t affect him, and he can absorb it to fuel pseudo-magic abilities of a limited range.”

The strange insect man pulled back to reveal the celestial star, with words written underneath each point.

“Divine magic gives him self-regenerative abilities and invisibility,” Xia said, pointing to Radzmia’s crystal throne, then moved on to Pelzz’s obelisk, “Arcane provides mental acuity and teleportation,” onto Ruelop’s spring, “Physical resistance and enhanced senses,” Guulruf’s nine-pointed star, “Physical strength and shadow walking,” and finally, Forea’s whirlpool, “And physical speed and water breathing.”

“They identified him and our cousin when they were five,” Rela said, smiling, “We were all so excited – the government provided us stipends for their education and care. Us, a little provincial family of no repute.”

“So it’s an…” Roy struggled to keep up as the warmth and stillness worked on relaxing him to the point of drowsiness.

“That’s what they told us,” the woman snorted, taking a drink, ears flicking, “But when they were twelve, they went to the Institute.”

“Where they train them to be tools of the Trinity,” Xia sighed, coming back to the table.

“The… Trinity?” Roy asked.

“Our leaders, Frezians like Xia,” Rela supplied, then shook her head. She looked up at the mage, “Let me tell you about what happened to my brother.”


Kalo was so glad to finally lay down on a pad and sleep without worrying about being attacked. Rela had said she’d talk to Royiora, explain things, and he trusted her to do so.

His sister and Hult might be the only people he trusted anymore.

The null didn’t know how much time had passed before there was a gentle touch on his shoulder, and his soulmate saying his name softly.

Kalo sighed, forcing himself to sit up and turn to look at the mage.

Royiora frowned at him, then his eyes lit up gold and he hesitantly reached up and laid a hand on the null’s cheek.

The assassin understood, but still hesitated himself before kissing his soulmate. It wasn’t like the time when he’d had to stop Royiora from killing them both by causing a cave in – it was slow, deceptively intimate.

He only took enough to heal his current injuries before pulling back.

The mage was still frowning at him. Royiora’s gaze fell – to the arm which used to have Kalo’s soul writing on it.

The assassin sighed, and unwrapped it. What did you go and tell him, Rela?

Kalo held the arm out, rough, burnt skin obviously clear of writing on display.

His soulmate reached out hesitantly, gentle fingertips brushing over the scarred skin. Then he took a sudden breath, hand jerking back as if he were the one burned.

Kalo looked up to see the other man crying. He shook his head, reaching out without thought to cup his soulmate’s face and brush away the tears with his thumbs, “No, don’t – don’t cry over me. I don’t deserve that.”

Royiora stared up at him, and something like resolve seemed to enter his eyes. He pushed up, barely hesitating before kissing Kalo himself.

At first, the null didn’t know how to react. This wasn’t an exchange, it wasn’t necessary. It couldn’t be affection – so what was it?

And then Royiora’s hand brushed over his burns again, and it clicked – sympathy.

Exclusive Excerpt: KALO

Soon, the mage was back to participating in the conversation, and even Hult was pulled in by her soulmate. Kalo still kept mostly to himself, tired after his episode.

Trauma fit, he reminded himself, Why do they have a name for that?

After the meal, Kaln and Falla suggested moving to the den for more conversation. Everyone but Roy agreed – the mage suggested they retire instead. Kalo agreed.

They really sleep in spaces this small? the null thought, glancing around the room his soulmate claimed was his.

Roy sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed, “Were you having another trauma fit?”

“Yes,” Kalo answered, having to duck his head to walk across the room and sit next to the mage.

His soulmate sighed, nodding, “You should see a counselor, when we get back to the capital – they can help you manage them.”

“Counsellor?” Kalo asked.

“Someone trained to help people work through traumatic experiences, and other problems,” Roy replied. He looked back, and snorted, “You know, this bed didn’t look so small when I  was the only one in it.”

“I can-” the null started.

“Whatever it is, I have a better idea,” his soulmate said, grabbing a bag from a nearby hook and shooing Kalo off the bed to pull the blanket off. He stuffed it and the pillows inside, then went and opened the window.

“Roy?” the null asked.

The mage grinned at him, stepping onto the sill, “Follow me.”



I haven’t done this since I was a kid, Roy thought, climbing up the tree outside his window to the roof. His heart was beating harder in a strange mix of anxiety and excitement, hands shaking a bit as he laid out the blanket.

“Couldn’t you have floated up?” Kalo asked, as he finished climbing and crawled onto the roof himself.

His soulmate was glad this section of the roof faced away from the null’s family, since he had no doubt the earlier outburst was related to how they’d taken the news. Roy grinned back, “Couldn’t you have teleported?”

Kalo sighed, tail gently smacking the roof as he seemed to see what the mage was going for.

I should have grabbed two blankets, Roy thought, then snorted and levitated the second blanket in his room.

His soulmate frowned at him.

The mage shrugged, “Didn’t think about it.”

Kalo shook his head – but there was the hint of a smile as he did.

That’s encouraging, Roy thought, laying out the second blanket. He awkwardly scooted between the two, trying not to tug them too far out of shape, “Come on – don’t let my hard work go to waste.”

The mage was rewarded with an actual – though fleeting – smile that time, as his soulmate also shifted between the two blankets.

“When I was still little,” Roy said, looking up at the stars, “Before we moved to the capital, I used to come up here with my dad.”

Kalo flinched, stilling as he watched his soulmate.

It hurt – it ached, but not like it had at first. It was like a broken bone; an ache he was growing familiar with, but he knew would fade in time.

“He would point out the constellations to me,” the mage said, and started tracing the outline of one in the air, “We’re under Buiroteon, Radzmia’s immortal champion, King of the Shining Lands to the north.”

Kalo hesitantly shifted an arm under his soulmate’s waist, shifting closer to wrap around his side, “We don’t have names for the stars. What are the others?”

“Well, at this time of year,” Roy said, swallowing around a lump in his throat, “It’s all Radzmia’s court. Radzmia herself is in the center,” he shifted his hand down, “There. See, that line is her spear.”

The null nodded, but didn’t seem like he was really listening. His breathing was evening out, and his soulmate could feel Kalo’s strangely comforting double heartbeat slowing against his shoulder.

“Falling asleep, hm?” the mage teased, letting his hand drop, “Am I boring you?”

The null shook his head, then surprised Roy by leaning forward to kiss him softly before laying back and saying, “Your voice is comforting. I like listening to you.”

How is he so honest? the mage wondered, not for the first time, as he felt heat rise in his cheeks. He cleared his throat, “In that case…”

Roy ran through the other constellations visible in the sky, and then started on those that weren’t – continuing long after his soulmate had fallen asleep, until he slipped off himself.

Available for purchase at:

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085L1VFF5

Universal Link: https://www.draft2digital.com/book/526435

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51174058-all-or-none

Aurora is a nonbinary, asexual writer with a new goal in life: to write the queerest books possible. (And yes, xe means gay, but also weird is good too.)

Xe loves dragons and fantasy and someday hopes to complete a (soft) science fiction novel as well. Currently, xe lives with xyr two cats.

Author Website: https://www.auroraleethornton.com

Author Facebook (Author Page): https://www.facebook.com/AuroraLeeThorntonBooks

Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aurora_T_Books

Author Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auroraleethornton/

Author Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16358225.Aurora_Lee_Thornton

Author Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Aurora-Lee-Thornton/e/B078QTVKQP

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