As it Should: Writing Wednesday

I’m thankful to have a home and property that make social distancing easy and am spending this time concentrating on my writing and art.

Welcome to Writing Wednesday. My Wednesday shares have become shorter and serialized, and they’re coming from my current WIP (work in progress), Striking Balance. You’ll be able to find all the ones that pertain to Striking Balance under the Categories drop down to your right.

Striking Balance is a Queer Historical Paranormal Fantasy story set within my Appalachian Elementals series. It’s a freestanding tale, so you don’t need to have read the other stories within the series to delve into this one.

Striking Balance has exited the beta reader stage and will soon be sent off for proofreading. I’m now working on a new WIP so you’ll be reading a new Writing Wednesday as soon as I finish sharing this chapter.

This is installment fifty, “As it Should,” and it immediately follows where last week’s installment, “Impressive Indeed,” ended. The main character in Striking Balance is Benjamin (Nub) Schnell, the possessor of secrets twice his size and seeming age. He’s been working for nearly a decade on the same small farm as his friend, Conall Baldwin, who acts as the farm’s manager. This story begins during the American Revolutionary War years, 1779 to be precise, in the Nolichucky river basin of Northeast Tennessee.

We’re again beginning with Ceardach’s observation from last week, which is in orange.

     “Nae.” He says this in a tone suggesting I should not mention it again. “Give me yer arm.”

     “Yes, sir.” I watch him draw a pattern on my arm much as I have witnessed Master Gow mark Conall. “What does that mean?”

     “Ye are accepted as ye are.” Ceardach moves up my arm with different patterns, telling what each one means. Protected. Stronger than I look. These marks are older than the Bible or Jesus or anything else I might know; they come from his and Master Gow’s Scottish roots and are an honor to receive.

     “They’re similar to hexen.” Not precisely, I am aware, these marks are much more personal than those my family placed on their barn, but I see the relationship.

     “Aye, in a way.” Strength. Health. Safety. He ends with acceptance then rests his hand over mine. “Conall knows ye only as he has. That will remain. Simply be yerself, Benjamin. Th’ rest will happen as it should.”

     I fall asleep with his hand over mine, at peace in ways I have not been since I was free of such worries.

Note: Once again, before anyone tries to educate, correct, or otherwise say anything concerning Ben’s unique status – I am recounting Ben’s experience alone and no one else’s. I need no education or guidance on any matter discussed in this series of posts so don’t waste your time and energy on something that won’t make it past moderation anyway.

For the rest of you – have a great week. Oh, and until then…

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