The Sugarcane Fields: Writing Wednesday

Still in NaNoWriMo – I promise I’ll thank myself later.

Happy Wednesday! My Wednesday shares have become shorter and serialized, and they’re coming from my current WIP (work in progress), Striking Balance. You’ll be able to find all the ones that pertain to Striking Balance under the Categories drop down to your right.

Striking Balance is a Queer Historical Paranormal Fantasy story set within my Appalachian Elementals series. It’s a freestanding tale, so you don’t need to have read the other stories within the series to delve into this one.

This is installment thirty-seven, “The Sugarcane Fields,” and it immediately follows where last week’s installment, “Goodnight All” ended. The main character in Striking Balance is Benjamin (Nub) Schnell, the possessor of secrets twice his size and seeming age. He’s been working for nearly a decade on the same small farm as his friend, Conall Baldwin, who acts as the farm’s manager. This story begins during the American Revolutionary War years, 1779 to be precise, in the Nolichucky river basin of Northeast Tennessee.

The sentence in orange comes from last week’s Writing Wednesday.

Alexandria has already tossed down my bedding so we move the table to the wall, kick off our shoes, and untuck our shirts, Conall retrieving his blanket so we can sleep nose to toe after we wash.

     Everything is quiet when my bladder wakes me some hours later. Damnation. Conall’s ridiculous wheeze of a snore amuses me, but my need is too great so I ease from my bed and creep to the door, assessing the area as I always do. I would normally use the night bucket, but the cabin is full so I must be polite. Since there are bear and wildcats about, especially this time of season, I check my surroundings twice, trotting toward the privy so—

     “Sleight me, will you?” Ewin drops from above to land on my back, an impossible feat but I am turned face down when he grabs me by the scruff, pulling back so he can punch my head from the side, his canvas slops rustling as he moves. “I’ll show you how they dispose of runts in the sugarcane fields.”

Yes, Ewin has returned. You didn’t expect him to go away so easily, did you?

Until next week.


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