None of my Concern: Writing Wednesday

NaNoWriMo… yes, I’m participating, and I’m finishing the story you’re about to read from.

Happy Wednesday! My Wednesday shares have become shorter and serialized, and they’re coming from my current WIP (work in progress), Striking Balance. You’ll be able to find all the ones that pertain to Striking Balance under the Categories drop down to your right.

Striking Balance is a Queer Historical Paranormal Fantasy story set within my Appalachian Elementals series. It’s a freestanding tale, so you don’t need to have read the other stories within the series to delve into this one.

This is installment thirty-five, “None of my Concern” and it immediately follows where last week’s installment, “Wild Mountain Thyme” ended. The main character in Striking Balance is Benjamin (Nub) Schnell, the possessor of secrets twice his size and seeming age. He’s been working for nearly a decade on the same small farm as his friend, Conall Baldwin, who acts as the farm’s manager. This story begins during the American Revolutionary War years, 1779 to be precise, in the Nolichucky river basin of Northeast Tennessee.

The setup: This picks up where it left off last week with the part in orange coming from then. Remember, we’re in Ben’s POV.

Alexandria and Ceardach

This is an excellent night even with Ewin’s drunkenness, and we all thank Alexandria then bid her goodnight when she finishes playing.

“Bring th’ sack of yellow peas in with ye when ye retire, dearie.” She kisses Ceardach’s cheek when he rises beside her. “An’ set them tae soak fer tomorrow, if’n ye will.” She places her hand on his shoulder and tilts her head to see him, giving a nod he returns.

“Surely, love.” He strokes her face then walks her toward the cabin. She shall sleep in my loft, and Master Gow shall share Conall’s apartment with Ceardach, leaving Conall and myself in the main space. Master Gow’s other men shall sleep in the barn with the livestock. ‘Tis our usual arrangement, but I can report seeing Ceardach crawling down the ladder betimes with his bedroll strapped to his back.

‘Tis really none of my concern, but I find it interesting nonetheless.

No, Ben, you’re right, it really isn’t any of your business, but it is interesting, especially given the time period. But you also need to take into consideration where you’re living – the frontier, and a lot of atypical happenings occur along any frontier.

Until next week…


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