Nice House #Rainbowsnippets 116

Welcome to my 116th  #Rainbowsnippets*. This one, as always, is uniquely mine, but there are lots of other great snippets to read so after you finish here click the FB link at the bottom of the post to discover other great LGBTQIA authors and their works.

Are my stories in Haints and Hollers queer? Well, they’re recounts of my own experiences and I’m queer so… yep. They most certainly are but you have to look closely to see it.

Blurb: Thirteen tales plus one, an uprooting of tradition with another just for fun. A strong mix of history, tradition, speculation, and, perhaps, a wee bit of fear. The haints in these hills are listenin’, child, so come sit a spell. You’ll hear tales you ain’t before; dark yahoos, wishes gone wrong, veil walkers, and someone’s head might well roll. Ain’t nothin’ really, just a few new stories you can take back to the holler and share with you and yours. Maybe they’ll shiver. Maybe you will too. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll hug someone tight when things get scary enough.

This is an anthology of nontraditional Appalachian ghost tales. It’s not that we don’t like the classics. Rather, we’re ready for something new.

Today, I’m sharing from the longest of my three contributions to the anthology, “Great Uncle’s Rocker.”  This snippet is from about 1/3 of the way into the story.

     I did as I said and asked Mrs. Tonz about the lights after a faculty meeting the next afternoon.

     “We always said it was the ghost.” She shrugged. “John had two different electrical contractors up from Bluefield to check the wiring while we were living there, but they never found anything.” She gathered her papers and headed for the doorway. “Nice house, isn’t it?”

     “Yes, it is.” The science teacher had said ghost too, but the house was indeed nice… ghost aside.

This is my last snippet from Haints and Hollers, which, by the way, hit #47 under the horror anthology category on Amazon this week. Not too shabby. What will I share next week? I’m not quite certain yet. so you’ll have to come back to find out.


*RainbowSnippets is a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ authors, readers, and bloggers to share 6 sentences each week from a work of fiction—published or in-progress—or a book recommendation. Feel free to join in.


  1. Hm, nice house but already possessed? That’s a tough one! Have this on kindle now so will see how it pans out! 😀


    • Yes, Bluefield is pretty, but McDowell County isn’t. The coal companies raped then abandoned the land and time has now stopped. It’s a sad, ugly, dingy place, and the people are hurting. I was there to help the kids and earn a living, but we ended up staying less than a year because I became sick. Walmart followed us out six months later, and I heard even Magic Mart is gone now, leaving almost nothing there but coal dust and defeat.


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