#ThursdayAesthetic Justice

When you live in a small fey kingdom and the only tailor is genderfluid, adherence to court fashion standards becomes, er, stressed.

     Cyrus moves down the line to curtsey before King Dane who draws him into a friendly embrace.

     “Ravishin’ as always. And blue does you justice, especially with the family plaid. You could teach some here a few groomin’ tricks.”

     “Probably, but all aside from Sarah would take insult.” He chuckles and moves along, flouncing his gown as he goes.

Striking Balance is a side tale in the Appalachian Elementals series, the backstory of two characters you meet in Keeping House. This is their story, how they came to be together, and, yes, it’s most certainly a queer tale no matter how it looks on the surface. Striking Balance is set in the late 18th century in Northeast Tennessee along the Nolichucky River.

The entire Appalachian Elementals series, both the main series and side tales, focus on Appalachian traditions and culture, family of making, family of choice, fey, and contain a healthy dose of elemental folk magic, witchcraft, and magic realism. It’s an interweaving series that takes place over the course of 3000 years, though I’ve only seriously explored just over 400 years thus far.

I have a heap of story fodder to pick from, so you can expect new stories for the foreseeable future.

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