Tess and Gan: Spouses and SOs – Keeping House Character Gallery

It’s an unlikely romance, but perhaps not if you know how the Elementals in the Appalachian Elementals series operate. Tessa Jo Rhodes and Ganolesgi, Tess and Gan. Now, put away your May-December romance ideas, at least in the way I know you’re thinking. Gan might look young, but they’re approximately 12 million years old. Yes, you read right, twelve million. The image you see is their favorite Human form. And Tess? Why she turns a young 76 years in Keeping House. There’s a small picture of her holding a broom in the aesthetic below, perhaps before she married her first love, Cent’s great uncle Kinnon. But Kinnon’s been gone over a decade when Gan returns to Embreeville. Gan’s immediately drawn to Tess and her wisdom, the start of a meaningful relationship.

Just so you know, Gan doesn’t always appear to Tess this way. Rather, they’ll appear as an older man too, especially early in their relationship, but Tess told them not to. Gan’s presence, their personality, and wit are what attracts Tess, and the rest means little. Are they lovers? Who knows? I suspect not in the traditional sense, but what Human-Elemental relationship can be defined as normal by Human standards?

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