#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel  This week’s theme is battle. Battle of wits. Battleship. Battlefront. Battleaxe. Battle-scarred. Yes, I’m using that last one because Duff Gow, the Hunter King before Dane Gow, was just that, battle-scarred, meaning hardened in both body and mind.



From Keeping House, Prologue  

    King Duff is a tall, pale-fleshed man, broad-shouldered and the possessor of a long, flowing mane of black hair that matches his equally dark beard, but he is no longer handsome. It is not his age of nearly a thousand years that uglies him. His skin is flawless, his smile dangerous in its ability to disarm, and his teeth are straighter and sharper than any Human’s. It is his ever-burning rage that petrifies those who encounter Duff’s wrath. It is his black, battle-scarred wings and blood-stained blades. No Hunter survives so long without fury, does not become king without being aggressive and suspicious, without being manic, murderous, and conquering of everyone who stands in his way.


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