Keeping House Blog Tour Week Two and a Giveaway

Keeping House is now available for release from Mountain Gap Books in both print and ebook formats! It’s been eleven months since the last novel in the series, Cleaning House, and eight months since the series’ holiday novella, Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree, so, yeah, it’s been a bit since I’ve given readers this much new content at once. That said, here you go – a brand new novel in the Appalachian Elementals series.

If you like folklore, magic, ghosts, history, and a tiny touch of romance wrapped in a lovely rainbow wrapper, the Appalachian Elementals series is definitely for you, but if you want the above with a bit of added darkness, Keeping House… Well, you’ll simply must check this one out for yourself.

Keeping House blurb:

Centenary Rhodes is caught in a deal she didn’t make. Thanks to her eternal lover, Stowne’s, quick thinking, she’ll live forever, but there’s a hitch. Cent’s now fey, and three months out of the year she’ll live on the other side of Embreeville Mountain among the Hunter Fey, serving their king, Dane Gow.

As Cent begins wading through the anachronisms that come with being a Hunter, she learns that nothing is what it initially seems. Cent shares several past lives with Dane, who wants her back, and Stowne’s lied to Cent so many times that she’s having doubts about their marriage. To make matters worse, the past Hunter Kings are influencing Dane’s behavior, and the youngest Hunter, Brinn, might well be the most dangerous of them all.

It’s going to be a cold, dark spring, and Cent needs to unite both sides of Embreeville mountain before her eternal life, her relationship with Dane, and her marriage to Stowne come permanently undone.

Another rich Contemporary Appalachian tale about fantastic people and the magic they possess, including LGBTQIA+ characters Human and otherwise.


Keeping House Prologue and Chapter One (opens in new tab in PDF format)

Appalachian Elementals Series Blurb:

Come dance with the Appalachian fey and drink a little moonshine under the full moon while you hear Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Death share tales about families of our blood, families of our making, and magic both long ago and flowing through us now.


So this post is officially about the tour, specifically about where I’ll dropping by during week one, and here’s the list.


Week Two Tour Stops (all links open in a new tab)

Monday, July 15th

J. Scott Coatsworth

Tuesday, July 16th

Joyfully Jay (exclusive content)

Wednesday, July 17th (My spouse’s birthday! Happy B-day, honey!)

Mirrigold: Musings, and Mutterings

Thursday, July 18th

MM Good Book Reviews (exclusive content)

Friday, July 19th

Angel Martinez (exclusive content)

Saturday, July 20th

Romance Across the Rainbow (exclusive content)

Sunday, July 21st




Giveaway? Did someone say giveaway? Yes, I’m giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to go with my blog tour.

Keeping House Blog Tour Giveaway

(direct link via Rafflecopter)

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