Aubrey and Rayne: Spouses and SOs – Keeping House Character Gallery

Peace comes with healing waters, so water and healing make the perfect pair.

Ah, Aubrey and Rayne. They’re such a sweet couple, but did you remember that they’ve known each other before? That’s a part of Cleaning House, so if you don’t know, then you might want to skip where I suggest so below.





Aubrey Rhodes, Cent’s Rhodes’ cousin, is of mixed race and is a well-rounded, compassionate man, perhaps because of it. He’s a pediatric nurse practitioner, a caul healer, and, oh, he’s gay too. He’s also one of Cent’s best friends. And, yes, he’s Rayne’s human spouse. But wait, Rayne looks like a woman and… Nope. Stop. Rayne’s a water elemental and elementals have no gender, remember? But Rayne prefers soft shapes and a delicate appearance that most Humans interpret as female. Rayne does, however, shift to whatever form they wish, and this usually falls along the lines of whatever attracts their lover. For Aubrey, that’s a man’s company, so that’s the form Rayne is taking in the bottom right image. (Again, elementals show up as a lens flare in any photography form, so we’re using our imaginations.)

And image up beside Aubrey, the woman? Ah…. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you don’t wish to know about Aubrey’s past lives as shown in Cleaning House. I’ll wait… Okay, you’re seeing Aggie here, the 19th Century form of Aubrey, same soul different body. Aggie spent a brief time as Cent-of-that-era’s wife, but it was a sham to keep away prying eyes in a rapidly settling community. Aggie was actually Pyre’s, and she died bearing their daughter, who was buried with her mother. Sad story, yes, but look at Aubrey now and you’ll see a few similarities.


Here’s a more to the point rundown of the images within the above graphic

  • Top left – Aubrey Rhodes as you know him in the main Appalachian Elementals series
  • Top right – early 19th century Aggie
  • Bottom left – Rayne the water elemental
  • Bottom right – Rayne in male form

Before Keeping House, there was Cleaning House, novel one in the Appalachian Elementals series. Cleaning House is now available in audiobook format from Audible, and it’s a sight to behold or to listen to as the case may be. The novel is narrated by Alex Riley, a true storyteller who brings the story to life in a storyteller’s fashion, complete with character voices.

Cleaning House the audiobook, is available from Audible. If you own an ebook copy of Cleaning House it’s available for as low as $7.49 or, if you’re an Audible subscriber, you can acquire the audiobook with your monthly subscription.

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