#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel  This week’s theme is wink. Wink at. Wynkin’, Blynkin’, and Nod (No, wait). Wee Willy Winkie… Well, that doesn’t work either. Wink. Just wink. Obviously, someone’s going to wink in this brief tidbit.




From Keeping House Chapter Nine “Failing at Fey 101”

   “Two Big Pals, two Frenchie Fries, and three sweet teas.” Dane winked at the cute blonde working the order side of the window. “That’s all, sugar.”

   “That’ll be fifteen dollars and two cents.” The woman looked past Dane. “Hi, Brinn. Whatcha up to these days?”

   Brinn startled and looked promptly away, tensing so hard Cent felt it. They’re paler than a haint dipped in flour, if that’s possible. I wonder why.


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