Cent and Stowne: Spouses and SOs – Keeping House Character Gallery

Centenary Rhodes is thirty years old (this life). She’s a witch, an accountant, and she rediscovering who she’s been, both male, female, and otherwise during those lives. But for most of those lives Cent, no matter their gender identity, has been married to sand, dirt, and rock in the form of Stowne. Wait? What? Sand, dirt, and rock are what make Stowne, what makes up every Earth elemental. Yes, Stowne’s an elemental spirit. They’re actually the spirit, the ancient soul of Embreeville mountain, and Cent is tied to the mountain because of all those shared lives.


This is my first spouse and significant other(s) installment to the Keeping House gallery, and I’m beginning with the primary couple, with Cent Rhodes and their nervous elemental love, Stowne.

I’m sharing three representations of each Cent and Stowne across time. I can’t quite call them pictures since there was no photography for a good portion of their time together, and Stowne, technically, would only show as a lens flare on film or in digital photography so this is definitely a journey into my imagination. That said, here’s the who and when of each image that makes up the combined aesthetic. This is as much a history as it is a collection.

  • Left top – Cent ~900 B.C.E. the life Cent first met and married Stowne
  • Second row left – Cent ~1850, a nearly seventy-year-old man
  • Second row right – Stowne ~ 900 B.C.E. in the form Cent married, possibly their wedding day?
  • Left Bottom – Stowne in one of their more natural forms, a wild, feral creature without a care, possibly at play with Cent during one of their lives early Tsalagi lives.
  • Top right (large image) – Cent in 2018 shortly before she leaves the homestead for the other side of the mountain to fulfill her debt to Dane Gow.
  • Bottom right (large image) – Stowne as they present now. They know Cent prefers a more androgynous form, but they also have fond memories of Cent’s first life, of how they’d presented to please Cent then, so this form is their updated presentation combining both now and then.


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