Keeping House Character Gallery: Meet Centenary (Cent) Rhodes

This is a special gallery addition, the first in a set of central characters that have appeared among groups but will now be singuluar or shown with spouses or significant others, the one that perhaps matters most of all. Meet Cent Rhodes, the protagonist of the Appalachian Elementals series, including Keeping House, which was released on Monday.

You first met Cent in the Hunter Fey portion of the gallery, but she’s so much more than fey. Cent’s a witch too, one who has lived over a hundred lives. She’s an old soul who’s loved by many and hated by those who’ve she’s defeated. Now, if she can only remember who’s who.


Remember this picture of Cent?


Let’s go far past that this time to understand what makes Cent tick. We’ll go around the larger image below to examine each piece so we better know her but first, let’s look at her basic data, the same info you read when you met her as a Hunter.

Name: Centenary Rhodes

Age: 30 (B:1989)

Point of Origin: Johnson City, Tennessee

Sexuality: pansexual

Gender Identity: nonbinary

Pronouns: she/her they/them

Married to: Stowne

Occupation: CPA, bookkeeper, apprentice ironworker

Quote: “Bitch, witch. There ain’t no difference. I can be neither, one, the other, or both, depending.”


Now for the aesthetic.

  1. Against the wall: This is Cent, maybe outside Gow Welding, wearing a leather jacket. Or she might be at Drylers since both are brick buildings. She’s probably on break, either trying to avoid Eddie Gow, one of the Hunters, or Ina Sue Jones, the boss’ daughter at Drylers and Cent’s very first kiss. Why the jacket when she seems to be sweating? It’s probably a cold day and she’s been inside either working near a forge or shuffling boxes around in the storeroom. The jacket’s more out of habit than anything. It is her favorite, after all, but she doesn’t get to wear it often due to the wing factor.

2. Paperwork. Cent’s a CPA. Did you know this? If not, you do now, but she’s not licensed in Tennessee, so she’s working as more of a bookkeeper at both her jobs.

3. The homestead. This has long been a place of contentment and rest for Cent, but now it’s going an extensive restoration and renovation to accommodate all the human and nonhuman members of the family. From two bedrooms to four. From no baths to two. Yes, this is going to take some time. Good thing Cent found Jenner and Flick to handle the job.

4. Kutsinta. What’s that? It’s Cent’s favorite dessert, and it’s similar to but not quite flan. It’s a steamed dessert made from rice, brown sugar, and coconut. Cent’s cousin, Aubrey’s, mother was half Filipino so he learned from her and Cent gets to reap the sweet benefits.

5. Magical books. Cent found quite the stack waiting for her when she returned home in Cleaning House. Now, she’s learning to not only use them but adding to them as well.

6. A Happy Moment. This is Cent in a candid image, probably taken by Aubrey since he lives on the homestead too. She’s probably relaxing on the divan talking to her best friend, Betty, or maybe even one of the elemental spirits that live among the humans on the homestead, perhaps even her own spouse, Stowne, who you met earlier.


So what makes Cent tick? Happiness, sugar, magic, and having a sense of purpose, meaning a job to do. And coffee. Let’s not forget coffee. She probably bleeds coffee, but let’s not test that theory.


Right now, the ebook version of Cleaning House, the first installment in the Appalachian Elementals series, is available for only $.99, so get your copy now.

Cleaning House is available at Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and most other ebook retailers.

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