Keeping House Character Gallery: The Elementals #1 Stowne

Welcome to the first release-day post for Keeping House! Post one is the last member of the Character Gallery, Stowne, the earth elemental who reigns over Embreeville Mountain. Stowne’s the mountain, and the mountain is Stowne. They’re dirt, rock, and sand. Magma and glass. Iron and talc. Stowne’s a bundle of nerves too, but that’s something you’ll come to understand as you read Keeping House.


Keeping House: An Appalachian Paranormal Fantasy, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series will be released on July 8th, 2019, and in preparation for the release, I’m sharing my characters gallery, my rogues’ gallery of sorts (seriously, many of them warrant the title of rogue). The overall gallery is very much a labor of love. It’s where I’ve gone when I didn’t know what came next, what one my of my characters might be thinking, how they might react. It’s where I’ve been honing my design skills for the past year.

Beside each character image, you’ll learn a bit about them, including their ages, occupations, gender identity and sexuality. Why the last two? Well, Keeping House is queer fantasy as much as it’s Appalachian Fantasy, meaning the main character, Cent Rhodes is queer and many but certainly not all of her friends identify somewhere along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. As for elementals like Stowne… please read the notes below.

On to the final bit of the prerelease gallery.

Prereading notes: Elementals have no gender, and all elementals are capable of shapeshifting into whatever form they wish, but they often take human-like forms when their lovers/ companions are Humans. This is the form represented in the gallery.

Name: Stowne

Age: 400 million

Element: Earth

True form: gnome/ column of earth, rock, and sand

Tendencies: a soft sand bed, fertile ground, jagged cliffs, rolling quakes, more than a little anxious and prone to shaking

Pronouns: they/them

Married to: Centenary Rhodes

Quote: “All those with good intentions will be allowed inside the circle, but those harboring ill intent will be pushed out by the positive magic.”

Note: Stowne appears as a Native American because this is the form Cent preferred during the first of her lives they shared. Cent knew Stowne in gnome form early that life, but this human form is the way they first married and has long been Stowne’s preferred form around Cent because it brings back fond memories.


What’s next? Later today, we’ll take a closer look at Cent Rhodes in a post all her own and, later, we’ll examine the Keeping House blog tour to see where I’ll be during the next two weeks.

Right now, the ebook version of Cleaning House, the first installment in the Appalachian Elementals series, is available for only $.99, so get your copy now.

Cleaning House is available at Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and most other ebook retailers.


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