Keeping House Character Gallery: The Elementals #3 Exan

Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating Keeping House’s release into the world, but today, I’m still sharing the Character Gallery.

Counting down the days, counting down the characters. The elementals 5-1.

We’re closing in on July 8th, Keeping House release day, and as such we’ve reached the last bit of the Character gallery, the elementals. Yesterday, you met Gan, and today you’ll meet Exan and Pyre in separate posts. First comes Exan, AKA Papaw Death. Traditionally, the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) each have a representative color, but does Death? Why, of course, black. Did you expect anything else?



Keeping House: An Appalachian Paranormal Fantasy, novel two in the Appalachian Elementals series will be released on July 8th, 2019, and in preparation for the release, I’m sharing my characters gallery, my rogues’ gallery of sorts (seriously, many of them warrant the title of rogue) in groups of 2-6. The overall gallery is very much a labor of love. It’s where I’ve gone when I didn’t know what came next, what one my of my characters might be thinking, how they might react. It’s where I’ve been honing my design skills for the past year.

Beside each character image, you’ll learn a bit about them, including their ages, occupations, gender identity and sexuality. Why the last two? Well, Keeping House is queer fantasy as much as it’s Appalachian Fantasy, meaning the main character, Cent Rhodes is queer and many but certainly not all of her friends identify somewhere along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. As for elementals like Exan… read the notes below.

On to the gallery.

Prereading notes: Elementals have no gender, and all elementals are capable of shapeshifting into whatever form they wish, but they often take human-like forms when their lovers/ companions are Humans. This is the form represented in the gallery.

Name: Exan (Papaw Death)

Age: 200 million but who’s counting?

Element: Death

True form: Black fog/smoke/mass

Tendencies: Comfort. Clarity. Hope. Peaceful death. Helping you remember those who’ve gone before and are waiting for your arrival.

Pronouns: they/them

Current love: Death is not supposed to love the living, though Exan often defies this rule.

Quote: “They’ll feed off your confusion and hasty conclusions, Give them nothing.”

Note: Why does Death appear as an older, more frequently than not, man? Because who would you want to lead you across the veil, someone who looks as though they might be near themselves or a youthful/childlike form? Not that children don’t cross the veil. Sadly, they do all the time, but their passing is not expected and strongly mourned. An elder’s crossing is, for whatever reason, easier for us Humans to process.


What’s next? Later today, you’ll meet Pyre, the white heat that’ll both love and burn you.

Right now, the ebook version of Cleaning House, the first installment in the Appalachian Elementals series, is available for only $.99, so get your copy now.

Cleaning House is available at Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and most other ebook retailers.

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