Keeping House Character Gallery: The Medicaments Levels 7-9

Medicament (n) a substance used in therapy (

Medicament (n) a reclusive group of magical healers headquartered deep inside the Black Mountains of Western North Carolina (The Appalachian Elementals Series)

Meet Lig, Donker, Temno, and Legkiy.

The Medicaments come from both the realm of the living and the supernatural realm and are leveled according to their training and abilities. Levels one and two train and live exclusively at the Black Mountain facility. Levels three through five work, train, and live among humanity. Levels six through twelve, the upper levels of the Medicaments, work exclusively with magical humans and immortal beings alike. They, themselves, are immortal beings too.

Medicaments are also divided into two categories, Light Healers and Dark Healers. Light Healers specialize in healing magical bodies while Dark Healers specialize in healing magical minds. Each upper-level Medicament is permanently paired with their equal opposite because dark is always needed to balance light and vice-versa.

Lig and Donker are paired level seven while Temno and Legkiy are paired level nine.

On to the gallery.


Name: Lig

Age: 469 (B: 1550)

Point of Origin: Powhatan Confederacy

Pronouns: he/him

Occupation: Medicament Level 7 Light Healer

Bound to: Donker

Quote: “You are not getting enough dreaming sleep.”


Name: Donker

Age: 124 (B: 1895)

Point of Origin: What is now South Africa

Pronouns: she/her

Occupation: Medicament Level 7 Dark Healer

Bound to: Lig

Quote:  None – you speak, Donker listens.



Name: Temno

Age: 1.2 Million

Point of Origin: Aloft

Pronouns: they/them

Occupation: Medicament Level 9 Dark Healer

Element: Air

Bound to: Legkiy

Quote: “Cool off.”


Name: Legkiy

Age: a young, hot 750,000 years

Point of Origin: Deep in the Earth

Pronouns: they/them

Occupation: Medicament Level 9 Light Healer

Element: Fire

Bound to: Temno

Quote: “Have you paid any real attention to the child’s needs?”


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