Writing Wednesday Striking Balance #AppalachianElementals 6/19/2019 Tory

I’m less than three weeks away from a new release, and I might be losing my mind. Okay, perhaps not seriously, but I am dealing with flashes of what the heck are you doing? Nine releases, are you crazy? You’re almost to double digits! But then I get something like the below, and I’m ready to go again.

Monday evening, I received a wonderful review for Cleaning House over on Queer Sci-Fi. You can check it out below, but here’s a snippet to get you started.

“The Appalachian setting just zings off the page, from the descriptions of the land to the Tennessee dialect of some of the characters. More than that, when Jeanne writes characters who are queer or nonbinary (and there are plenty in this story, including the protagonist, Centenary), they’re writing from the heart.”  Review for Cleaning House 6/17 QSF

Happy Wednesday! My Wednesday shares have become shorter and serialized, and for now, they’re coming from my current WIP (work in progress), Striking Balance. You’ll be able to find all the ones that pertain to Striking Balance under the Categories drop-down box to your right.

Striking Balance is a Historical Paranormal Fantasy story set within my Appalachian Elementals series. It’s a freestanding tale, so you don’t need to have read the other stories within the series to delve into this one.

This is installment fourteen “Tory,” and it picks up directly where the last installment, “Predicted Outcome” ended. The main character in Striking Balance is Benjamin (Nub) Schnell, the possessor of secrets twice his size and seeming age. He’s been working for nearly a decade on the same small farm as his friend, Conall Baldwin, who acts as the farm’s manager. This story begins during the American Revolutionary War years, 1779 to be precise, in the Nolichucky river basin of Northeast Tennessee.

The first portion, in orange, comes from last week’s installment, and it’s Conall speaking. He’s been walking in the orchard with his lady friend,  Charity Alcott, a young woman he’s interested in. But they’ve returned, and Conall’s not at all happy.

     “Thank you for the meal, but I believe we should head home.”

     “Whatever happened?” Widow Alcott worries her hands in her linen apron. “My daughter can be short, I know. I’ve been working with—”

     “Your daughter, Madam, is a Tory who’s no interest in this new country I almost died fightin’ for!” Conall slaps his cock hat on his head. “Come on, Nub. It’s gettin’ late.” He slips on his powder horn and bag, shoulders his gun, and turns toward our cabin, his strides so long I trot to keep pace.

     “What the—” I feel Mary’s gifts slip from my waistband and into my breeches legs, catching at my knee bands. Hopefully, they’ll stay there. “Conall?”

So Conall and Charity are on the outs? I wonder how long that will last.

Oh, and you can check out the other stories within the Appalachian Elementals world by clicking one of the covers to your right. Cleaning House: A Contemporary Appalachian Fantasy, is #1, Keeping House: a Paranormal Appalachian Fantasy, is #2 and will be released July 8, 2019, and Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree is a sweet little novella that tackles holidays and family relationships between two characters within the series.

I’m continuing to list this Wednesday writing installment under the #WIPpet Wednesday blog hop hosted by Emily Wrayburn wherein writers share excerpts of their latest WIP.  All genres and levels of accomplishment are welcome. The only stipulation is that the excerpt must coincide with the date in some manner. For example, on 10/8/14 you might share 10 lines from page 8, 8 paragraphs from chapter 14, or perhaps 18 sentences by doing WIPpet math and adding the day to the month. We’re flexible like that.


    • Yeah, Conall took that rather personally, but I probably would have too, considering. Opinions, however, are why Conall likes her, I think. We’ll see how this goes.


  1. Uh-oh. Though is it the sort of conflict that burns passionately for a while before they realise how much was said in the heat of the moment and make up?


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