#WriteLGBTQ #WIP #KeepingHouseNovel: Frustration

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel  This week’s theme is frustration.  Hot under the collar. Fit to be tied. Seeing red. Ticked off. Good old fashioned frustrated. That’s what someone is here, but Cent, who’s injured, is having trouble determining who’s speaking.


      “She’s wakin’ up.”

     Aunt Tess? Cent tried to move but every fiber of her being screamed objection.

     “Someone’s comin’ to help you. Hold on.”

     “I’ll give her some pain medication.” This voice sounded eerily familiar.

     Do I know you?

     “Wouldn’t energy be better?” Tess again, and she sounded worried.

     “Don’t none of us have any to spare at this point.” This voice was as tired as it was frustrated, and Cent felt someone new move close to her ear.

     “Deedra’s always grumpy, so just ignore her.”

And here’s a little something else for you. Keeping House is available for pre-order at all the other usual online selling haunts in both print and ebook formats. The Amazon buy link is in the righthand column, hint hint.

#writeLGBTQ #AppalachianElementals #KeepingHouseNovel


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