#WriteLGBTQ #WIP #KeepingHouseNovel: Wash

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel My self-applied theme is wash. Why self-inflected applied? I’m on medical hiatus at present so this post was written before the suggested theme was shared, but I’ll be back soon so feel free to comment!




Washroom. Wash up. Wash and dry.  In Appalachia, you sometimes hear the word pronounced as warsh, but Cent’s had too much post-secondary education to ever say it that way. That said, she’s not exactly happy with her necessary untruths about now, but Mr. Jones would never ever understand.

   “I thought you got married last year,” said Mr. Jones.

   “I did. And my spouse knows Dane well. We’re all friends.” Ooh, that’s pushing things. But he accepted her answer because he had no idea what was really going on.

   “You didn’t marry one of them, did you?”

   “No, sir. I’m staying with them while my spouse is out of town working, and the homestead’s being remodeled.” I should wash my mouth out for all the lies I’m telling.

And here’s a little something else for you. Keeping House is available for pre-order from Amazon. It’ll be available on other sites soon and in both print and ebook formats. The buy link is in the righthand column, hint hint.

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