#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 3/6/2019 Like a Haint to Haunting

(Big sigh) This week has gone infinitely better than last week. We’re easing back into a routine, if we have such a thing. Youngest has come home for spring break with his girlfriend wife. Yep, they got married.  I’m suddenly an in-law. We’ll have a more formal celebration this summer. I’m not upset, more like surprised since they said they were going to wait a year. So goes life. I’m also continuing my physical therapy before my knee replacement surgery. No firm date as of yet, but we’re working on it. Hurdles are a thing, and we’ve several to cross before a date can be set.

Welcome to #WIP Wednesday.

Note: the portion in orange comes from last week’s WIPpet.

     “Fuck you sigils.” Cent laughed. “I’ll use then liberally, I’m certain.” She raised her hand. “And thanks for not adding anything to the dog fingers in case I need them.”

     “I’ve learned a thing or three,” said Betty.

     “You should try to get along with everyone while you’re there,” said Ivan. “‘Blessed are the peacemakers—’”

     “‘For they will be called the children of God.’ There’s sometimes no negotiating or turning the other cheek, but I get your point.” Cent placed her hands in her lap when Betty capped the polish pen. “Thanks.”

     “You got time for me too?” asked Mama. “Maybe some pretty pink since Valentine’s Day is comin’?”

     “Tomorrow, Nida.” Betty stood, six-foot-three in sock feet as she slid across the old pine floors to her corner where she put away the polish. “In the afternoon. I’ve got a couple of late-morning readings scheduled.” Betty had taken to the Tarot like a haint to haunting, doing powerful, detailed readings for those who came to the homestead in search of direction. She’d read for Cent twice, and while Cent had believed what Betty had said, she was trying to ignore the final card of the last spread. The death card didn’t mean, well, death, but it did mean change, sometimes drastic change, in your life.

Cent’s right. The death card isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it means you’re probably in for some sort of upheaval in your life. However, that’s life, isn’t it? And wouldn’t it be boring if things were always the same? That said, Cent’s life has just now settled so big changes aren’t something she’s wanting. And Stowne? Change makes them anxious in an earth elemental’s ground-shaking sort of way that makes things difficult for everyone, especially Cent.


  1. Great snippet. Obviously I’m invested in the main story, but this bit makes me think more about the relationship between Betty and Nida. Betty seems to have a special connection with her, unless I’m totally misreading it. Which I might be; I get so wrapped up in the characters’ lives that I sometimes overanalyze.

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  2. Change is always happening, but Death often suggests an intense, sudden change that makes the world feel like it flipped over. It sounds like Cent is not going to be able to enjoy too much of this “just settled in” feeling much longer.

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