#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 2/27/2019 A Strong Message

Welcome to #WIP Wednesday

We’ve had a hard week. Our eldest fur baby, a sixteen-year-old half Maine Coon named Sam, who’d been chronically ill for a while, died over the weekend. We chose a home setting over putting him to sleep because he was absolutely terrified of riding in a car.  It was difficult to watch, but we were with him all the way to the end. We buried him on Monday, and today, Tuesday, saw this at his grave in the back yard.

Deer mean different things to different paths and cultures. The Chinese believe they are good luck. Some say they represent authority and kingship. But these three were does, so I believe they were a signal of comfort, that Sam is being taken care of, that he’s okay on his journey away from us.  (I might be crying a bit here because Sampson was my special baby, my big orange boy from the moment he placed his head to my shoulder at the animal shelter over fifteen years ago.) We’re really going to miss him around here.


On to my WIP wordage. This week I’m picking up where we left off in Chapter Two of Keeping House.  Cent’s getting to ready to leave, and the family’s gathering to say their goodbyes. Betty’s covering Cent’s nails in sigils as well and one, in particular, catches Cent’s attention.

     “You already know them spells, I’m sure.” Mama lifted one side of her mouth in a half-smile.

     “I remember them from my earlier lives, that’s the only reason I didn’t have to learn them again.” Cent turned her attention to what Betty was doing. White polish this time, a fine-point nail pen she was using to draw across the top of Cent’s nails.

     “Now, that stuff ain’t natural.” Cent watched Betty work. Crosses, sigils, and sacred spirals. “But I like it.”

     “I thought you would.” Betty indicated the nails on Cent’s middle fingers. “It’s my message for Dane.”

     “‘Fuck you sigils.” Cent laughed. “I’ll use then liberally, I’m certain.”

Be careful, Cent. Sigils grow in their power based on your intent so if you’re really mad when you use them… Well, be prepared for the unexpected. And here’s that sigil, in case you’re wondering. Personally, I love sigils, and I want to have a few tattooed on me eventually, but probably not this one.




  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your furbaby! 😦 Sending hugs or good vibes or whatever feels appropriate.

    I enjoy reading about the type of magic that is affected by intent and other factors that can make it unpredictable. It makes for a good story for us, though the characters might wish they’d known better.

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    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I think discussing intent and the situation helps establish magic as real inside a story. It should be a realistic part of the world.


    • No, it’s not easy, but our other fur babies have made it a little easier. Sam was sick for a long time, a combo of age and something the vet couldn’t find without being very invasive, which we weren’t going to do for Sam’s sake.

      Glad you like the WIPpet. These are fun to make every week.


  2. LOL at having that particular sigil tattooed. I dunno, that might be the first thing I’ve seen that I’d want permanently inked on me! Just kidding…kind of.

    Once again, I do love Betty.

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    • There are times I’d like to have that sigil tattooed onto the back of my hand, TBH. It’d be more helpful and time saving. And Betty plays such a larger role in Keeping House. It’s been great to have her do so.


  3. I’m so sorry about your furbaby! He is out of pain and trotting through the catnip fields.

    Haha…I like the symbols Betty is painting…they inspire me to get my nails done. 🙂


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