#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 2/13/2019 The Problem With Half Magic

I ended up seeing my orthopedist again today (we’re almost on a first-name basis) and, joy of joys, I need both my knees replaced. Yes, I knew this was coming because I’ve been bone on bone for a couple of years,  but I guess I hadn’t expected it yet. However, I’ve had real problems since December, the treatments we’ve been using have stopped working, and my knees have been swelling to triple their normal size, making them painful even to the touch. (These are not my x-ray images. While the bone on bone spots are identical, there are four-six bone spurs per knee and humongous swelling.)

He gave me a double-strength steroid shot in both knees to try to get ahead of the swelling. It’ll more than likely last a few days and then my knees will return to pontoon status. Joy.

Dangit. Okay. Yes, My ortho said it was more genetic than anything else, and I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis too. I see the surgeon on the 20th and will probably have the first surgery within two months.

More when I know more.

This week I’m picking up where we left off in Chapter Two.  Cent’s getting to ready to leave, and the family’s gathering to say their goodbyes. Betty’s painting Cent’s nails as a special, protective treat as well. Oh, and this week you’ll get a reminder of what makes Mama (Cent’s mother) who she is.

Note: the section in orange comes from last week’s #WIPpet

     “We’ve got plenty ahead of us, hotcakes.” Betty set the polish aside. “And it was as much for you as it was practice.” Betty touched the back of Cent’s hand. “Switch out.”

     “Aren’t we done?” Cent glanced at the clock.

     “One more layer.” Betty looked to Pyre. “Stowne says they want you. They’re already talking to Exan.”

     “You hear such things before I do anymore.” Pyre drifted toward the open bedroom door but glanced over their shoulder at Betty. “I’ll want a moment with you before I leave.”

     “You better.” Betty flashed them a nervous smile. “As soon as you’re done with Stowne.”

     “Good.” Pyre closed the door behind them.

Cent and Mama

     “I thought I smelled Exan.” Mama wrinkled her nose. “At least I didn’t inherit the death elemental stink.” While Grandma Roslyn, long dead, was Cent’s grandmother, her other grandparent was Exan, a death elemental who’d defied their nature when they’d fallen in love with Roslyn. Mama was the result. But half-magic was unstable so everyone kept a careful watch on her, especially Ivan. He made certain she took her medications and went to all her appointments, sometimes acting more as a caretaker than her spouse.

     “Nida. That’s plain rude.” Ivan moved to stand beside her. “I know you’re still learnin’ about your magic side, but—”

     “More like what I can’t use it for.”

Leave it to Mama to fan the flames that are Cent’s current tension. That said, I think Cent’s eased into an adult-ish relationship with her mother, and she’s thankful Ivan’s there to help make things easier.



    • Thanks and thanks! I’m off to talk to the surgeon tomorrow morning, and the knees have been a problem for years, but you have to jump through insurance hoops, especially when you’re “younger” (read below 50 there), to get anything done about them.


  1. Mama seems likes she still needs to be the child… But Cent has enough of her mind right now. (And I’d really like to know what all these little side discussions are about.


    • Yes, Mama has problems on a grand scale, but Cent’s learned to take them in stride whenever possible and the family really helps in that regard. This novel also has numerous side threads that come together later, so there are a lot of smaller conversations going on throughout the story.

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