#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 2/6/2019 Hotcakes

Welcome to WIP Wednesday.

This week I’m picking up where we left off in Chapter Two.  Cent’s getting to ready to leave, and the family’s gathering to say their goodbyes. The week you’ll get to see a bit of Ivan’s kindness and the cuteness that is Betty and Pyre together.

The first sentence, in orange, comes from last week’s #WIPpet.

     “Black nails again? Good grief.” Mama removed her hat and coat and held them out for Ivan to hang by the door.

     “Matte black this time.” Cent grinned at her. “I kinda like it.”

     “You mean you like that it’ll tick off Dane. And you look like you’ve been attacked by a box of black crayons.” Mama pointed to Cent’s hand and wrist sigils.

     “Stop bein’ so critical. Tess says those marks are to protect her.” Ivan guided Mama to Cent’s rocker. “Cent needs the protection where she’s going.” He turned on his heels to face Cent. “Did you pack your Bible?”

     “Among other texts, yes. Thanks.”

     “Good. Don’t let them take your books away.” Ivan removed his ballcap, hung his coat, and turned around frowning. “I ain’t heard nothin’ good about those Hunters you’re gonna be with.”

     “Tell me something I don’t know.” Cent returned her hand to Betty for a second coat, noticing how she moved the polish brush in a protection sigil before covering the entire nail. “Who taught you that?”


     “Me.” Pyre increased the heat on Cent’s other hand. “She drew them all over my form last night to practice.” A smile spread across their flickering face. “I’ve so missed having someone to share the nights with.”


Betty Holub


   “We’ve got plenty ahead of us, hotcakes.” Betty set the polish aside. “And it was as much for you as it was practice.”



Betty and Pyre are a fun couple to write.  And Cent’s protection symbols cover much of her body, but will they be enough?



  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that all those protective sigls will be JUST enough to supplement Cent’s other protections and talents, but that there are going to be some very dark times where she’s not sure she has enough resources to make it through.

    (or at least that’s what I HOPE happens)


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