#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 1/30/2019 Good Grief

#Welcome to WIP Wednesday

This week I’m picking up where we left off in Chapter Two.  Cent’s getting to ready to leave, and the family’s gathering in the homestead’s living room to tell her goodbye.

Here’s my #WIPpet Math for 1/30/2019 – 3,0,2 for three hundred and two words from Keeping House, novel to in the Appalachian Elementals series.

Warning: If you’ve yet to read Cleaning House this WIPpet contains a spoiler about Cent.

Note: the portion in orange comes from last week.

     (Cent speaking) “…the Hunters ain’t nothing but backasswards if you ask me.”

     “I won’t lie, the idea of them intimidates me,” said Betty. “I’ve gotten used to your wings, but…”

     “Just don’t talk to them tonight, and you’ll be fine. Damn, you’re good at this, but I’ve only got time for one coat.” She glanced out the front window to see Mama and Ivan exiting the trailer below the house. It was the most modern home on the property, and the only one with a flush toilet and a proper shower. For now.

     “Play hell.” Betty pursed her lips to blow on Cent’s nails then stopped. “Pyre, love?”

     “I’m on it.” Pyre rose from the fireplace as a red-headed Human with spikey hair and the perfect dash of freckles across their nose. “Not a surprise, given the time it’s getting to be.” They moved wood from the hearthside stack to feed the flames they’d left in the firebox. “Cent’s right about your skills. If I had nails, I’d have you do them every week.”

     “You’re sweet.” Betty tweaked their smoldering leg then began polishing the nails on Cent’s other hand. “Are you going off to Hunterland naked or are you putting something on?”

     “Clothing, yes. I simply don’t think about it around here.” Pyre kept heat over Cent’s hand as their form shifted to show maroon jeans and a burnt orange shirt. “Not going too bright, am I?”

     “You’re perfect for a Brigid’s night party.” Cent pulled her hand back. “This stuff is non-flammable?”

     “Would I be doing this if it wasn’t?” Pyre shuffled their smoky feet. “This hand’s ready for the next coat. Is that one done?”

     “Are you nervous, Pyre?” Cent changed her hands when Betty nodded.

     “More like wary.” They returned to their blow. “Your mother’s here.” Pyre drifted to the door to hold it open. “Good evening, Nida. Hello, Ivan.”

     “Pyre.” Mama turned to see Cent. “Black nails again? Good grief.”

Yep, black nail polish. It sends a message, doesn’t it? At least Cent hopes it will this time. What other subtle ways are there to send messages? Yawning to show disinterest is one that Cent uses later, but what are some others?


    • Thank you. It’s a very long book (130K stem to stern) so even at 350 words a week shared, I won’t be that far in by the August release, but I’m keeping to the first 1/3 of the novel just the same.

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  1. Semi-regular glancing at one’s watch is another subtle message I’ve been known to employ.

    I also really enjoy any scene with Pyre. 🙂 I hope Betty et al will be safe while Cent is away.

    I wish I had someone who could do my nails properly – I need to keep them painted or I bite them, but I am pretty useless at doing them myself and can’t afford a weekly manicure, so I end up with some pretty shoddy paint jobs.


    • My nails stay plain 1) because I have hand tremors so I can’t apply polish with any sort of neatness, 2) because I keep them really short, and 3) because I’d rather spend my money on other things.

      Cent’s frustration Mama is an ongoing thing but, she does try to keep her patience.


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