#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 1/23/2019: Black Polish

Another week down,  another what might well be a novel started. I’m working on Conall and Bea’s story, but it’s quickly taking on a life of its own.  We’ll see, but I think at the very least it’s going to be a long novella if not a short novel.

This week I’m picking up where we left off in Chapter Two.  Birdie, one of the homestead’s house spirits, has faded from view and now Betty is doing something that’ll help Cent make a memorable entrance into the Hunter kingdom.

     “Give me your hand.” Betty grabbed a bottle of nail polish from the table behind the sofa. “I want to mark you too, but my magic isn’t the same as Tess and the spirits’, so I’m sending you off with those black nails you said will make Dane wicked mad.” Betty shook the bottle and laid a rag over her thigh. “But according to Stowne, the Hunters wear a lot of black already.”

     “It’s their traditional color, along with their tartan, but black’s a power color in magical terms. Stowne says Dane doesn’t like her women wearing it.” Cent curled her fingers into her palm before Betty could start. “That has natural ingredients, right?”

     “Of course.” Betty pulled Cent’s hand onto her leg. “And that’s such a backward way of thinking, especially for a woman, especially since you’re not— you’re doing all you can to repulse her, aren’t you? You’re not one bit a numb cuttah.”

     “Thanks.” Cent admired the steadiness in Betty’s hands as she worked. “I’ll try anything to repulse Dane, but I can’t banish my creator no matter how much I hate her. And the Hunters ain’t nothing but backasswards if you ask me.”

No, Cent’s definitely not numb or dumb, but she might well be stirring up trouble she’s not ready for. So what would you do in this sort of situation? Would you go headfirst into the unknown with your guns blazing or would you sit back and watch? Me? Probably a bit of both like Cent is. Eyes wide open, observant, but armed and ready just in case.



  1. I do enjoy seeing Cent and Betty interact. And me, I’d probably want to run and hide. I have never claimed bravery and tend to avoid situations that make me the least bit anxious. I don’t think Cent has that option, though. Can’t wait to read how she comes through this.

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  2. Given that Cent doesn’t seem to have much choice about whether she goes or not, it might be best to be prepared for as many contingencies as she can, but still ready to make peace if possible. The again… I don’t know exactly what she’ll be dealing with yet…

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  3. I don’t even talk to people onTwitter because I’m scared it might cause confrontation! Though I have been known to surprise myself in a couple of real life situations so who really knows.

    This is a small thing but I really like that Cent wants to know about the ingredients in the nail polish before proceeding.


    • I’m very, very careful on Twitter. Tread lightly. Things have gone okay thus far, I think.

      Natural ingredients are a must in Cent’s family. The spirits don’t necessarily like man-made ingredient or certain combinations of natural ingredients that don’t naturally go together. They find such combinations draining.


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