#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 1/9/2019: Birdie on the Move

I’m this close to having Keeping House ready for my beta readers, one more read-through close if that makes it easier to understand. So close I can see the end, and it’s rather frightening. What do I do next? Write something new, yes, I know that, but I’ve so many ideas (AKA plot bunnies) hopping through my head that I’m not certain which one to choose. Interestingly enough, all my current ideas apply to the Appalachian Elementals series.

Welcome to #WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop where authors share from their current works in progress (WIPs).

We finished Chapter One last week so this week we’re delving into Chapter Two. Remember Cent’s friend Betty? She’s back, and she’s been working hard to help Cent get ready for her time with the Hunters.



ONE NOTE: If you haven’t read Cleaning House, there’s a spoiler in here regarding Betty.

     “Thanks for altering my clothes.” Cent sat beside Betty on the sofa.

     “Anything for you, baby doll.” Betty smoothed her blue fleece sweater over the front of her denim maxi skirt. Tall and super feminine, she moved with grace no matter what she did, but that was Betty. “Since I’ve got a sewing machine again, I’m going to make us lots of stuff.” She pointed to the collapsible sewing table setting in the corner. “Best Christmas present I ever got.”

     “You’ve been sewing up a storm for yourself, so I guess you like it. But you didn’t have to do this. When did you find time with work too?”

     “I’m right out straight, that’s for certain.” Betty eyed her for a moment, thinking. “But Stowne said you needed it done, so… A few ghosts around here told me too. Nothing major, just some info flashes to show you needed it.”

     “Did you see that dagger?” Cent adjusted it against her leg.

     “Saw it, measured it, and hope I’m nevah on the receiving end.” Betty shook her head. “Birdie stood over me while I was sewing, showing me how she used to do similar stuff.” Betty tapped her forehead. Such images were how haints spoke to physical mediums, but Betty was also a full-blown psychic, so she spoke to them too, and saw things with or without their assistance.

     “She likes watching you work.” Cent glanced to the bedroom where Stowne paced. “Are y’all still going to move her wardrobe to the kitchen when the closet’s done?”

     “Is she trying to move it again?” Betty threw her head back in laughter then brought it up, her French-tip nails to her mouth to quell her giggle. “Gotta watch out for Birdie. She’ll rearrange your room if she can.”

Cent has an awesome family, even if one of the ghostly members is trying to rearrange her bedroom.




  1. Betty is back! Oh… I so wish I had a Betty. I mean, I have some awesome friends and peeps, but… she hears the voices I know are there and can’t fully understand, and she’s got such a sense of style too!

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  2. I haven’t read Cleaning House yet (I do have it on my Kindle and it’s on my first-half-of-2019 TBR) but Betty certainly soundsl iike someone who it would be awesome to have around.

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