#WIP Wednesday #AppalachianElementals 1/2/2019: Something Bad

New Year, new you? Not so much, or at least I hope not. I ended 2018 with the below. It’s not as bad as it looks, but there it is. A bad cut to my middle finger right in the middle of getting a manuscript ready for my betas.

So goes life.

And, yes, I took two weeks off from #WIPpet Wednesday, but I’m obviously back, holiday weary and nearing done with Keeping House, at least to the beta stage of things. Oh, and welcome to #WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop where authors share from their current works in progress (WIPs).

Note: Gan, if you don’t know, is an air elemental, and Aunt Tess’ S.O. Gan appears later in Cleaning House.

     “Where’s my marker?” asked Gan.

     “Right here.” Tess passed them her Sharpie and opened another. “We’re going to mark you up good, honey.” She moved to face Cent dead on. “This is some serious group magic, so stand still and think on somethin’ that makes you happy.”

     “Or, better yet, sing.” Rayne held out their marker for Cent to uncap it. “Whatever comes to mind as soon as we begin.”

     “We are putting all our energy into these sigils to protect you.” Stowne turned Cent’s arm to draw on her tricep, mumbling and moving their hand back and forth as energy built inside their form. Rayne and Gan were doing the same, but Tess raised her head, breathed deep, and began to chant, her hands trembling as she pushed aside Cent’s halter strap to draw.

     “You are loved.” Tess blew on the sigil then placed her hand over it. “Bless you, child.”

     Loved and blessed. Cent closed her eyes when the other markers touched her skin and relaxed as her family’s energy circled her. A song. What song? Only one came to mind, and it was a bad choice, but she began singing anyway, first quietly then at increasing volume until her acapella version of Miranda Lambert’s “Something Bad” rolled through the house in less-than-perfect tone.





Longed for.

Will return safely home.

   Something Bad. Yes. She knew it was coming. But Stowne was waiting for her return. They always would be, and she’d be home before she knew it.

If you aren’t familiar with the song Cent’s singing, here’s a link.

“Something Bad”




  1. Will I be persecuted if I say that song just isn’t “country”… Because I heard glam rock in the 80s that sounds frightfully similar. (rather liked the song, actually)

    That said… Cent’s ‘choice’ (in quotes because I’m not convinced she had one) is definitely going to have some repercussions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think it’s country either. I don’t even think it’s a really good song, but there it is, flowing from my protagonist’s mouth in a moment of fear. And, yes, that “choice” will change a lot of things, but Cent has no idea how or to what extent at this point.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s not a “good song” but it reminds me of my teen years… Kind of like Def Leppard. It’s funny how so many people commenting on the youtube link though were talking about how “this is what I call real country. *shrugs*

        Though, does Cent know anything for sure right now…. one has to wonder. She’s been tossed about a lot, and even with some stability of her lover and friends, her life seems to have done some serious somersaults. I’m worried about the girl.


      • Lol. I think Cent’s worried about herself too. And a lot of what I choose for my novel playlists and that my characters sing or listen to are tunes I like, but this one… not so much. Perhaps it’s an unintended indicator of things aren’t about to go so badly that even the author is thrown off. (And I was, initially, but I know the whole story now.)

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      • I’m a firm believer that music has connections with an inner sense we normally don’t access. It frustrates me when the music is wrong for the state of the world around me… you can always sense that sort of thing, like the ill wind that blows….

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