#WriteLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel Comfort

#writeLGBTQ #KeepingHouseNovel Comfort because we all need a little and should take other’s into consideration more often.





     Dane put the truck in neutral, set the brake, and climbed out. “Meet us at home, Exan. Cent’s drivin’ in with me.”

     “Certainly.” Exan opened the window a crack and slid from the truck to hover beside it in black mass form. “Are you comfortable with this, Centenary?”

     “Yeah. I’ll wreck if she gets handsy with me.” Cent flashed Dane a cheesy grin as she slid into the driver’s seat. “Cent make big boom if you do bad.”

#AppalachianElementals #KeepingHouseNovel #Paranormal #Fantasy

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