#HolidayTreeNovella Release Day Celebration: Quick Descriptions and Best Lines

It’s finally release day for Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree! To kick this celebration off right, I’m sharing a little about every character in the novella and giving you what I think might well be their best line within the story. Like most of my stories, there’s an ensemble cast, and I’ve fourteen characters, two of whom are so minor in their presence that they really don’t have lines. That said, pay attention to them because you’ll see them in the second novel in the Appalachian Elementals series, Keeping House, which will be released next year.


Here’s some info about Mama, Me, & the Holiday Tree to get you started.

A dozen handmade holiday ornaments, that’s all, but it might be an impossible task.

Centenary Rhodes and her mother are at constant odds. It’s one of the many reasons Cent left home when she was eighteen. Mama’s difficult for anyone to manage, but now that Cent’s back home, she has to try. Mama, however, won’t acknowledge who Cent’s become, even though she’s repeatedly been shown the truth.

It’ll take more than popcorn strings and paper snowflakes to heal the rift that’s formed between Cent and Mama. It’s going to take bushels of patience, heaps of magic, and assistance from everyone on both sides of Embreeville Mountain to reset the Balance between them.

But with Yule and Christmas just around the corner, it might already be too late.

Mama, Me, and the Holiday Tree is available for preorder in both print and ebook formats. And the ebook format is only $.99 for a limited time!

Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

And now, what I promised, quick descriptions of and the best lines (IMO) from each character in Mama, Me, & the Holiday Tree.

Centenary Rhodes (Cent) [protagonist]  in an obvious moment of distress or doubt

Nonbinary, she/her/they/their, happily married, multi-lived witch, possessor of important secrets

“I’ll try since y’all think it’s so important.”




Stowne [Earth Elemental]  (some of their many forms)

Cent’s spouse, they/them, a true mountain soul

“Patience. You said you find grace in it, so find that grace in yourself.”


Tess Rhodes [Cent’s great aunt]

Witch, herbalist, wise woman, she/her

“Air elementals don’t mind their hair goin’ ever-which way, but me… It tickles.”



Aubrey Rhodes [Cent’s cousin]

Healer, queer, all Rayne’s, he/him

“Hate’s a strong word, honey.”




Rayne [Water Elemental] (some of their many forms)

Aubrey’s spouse, they/them, eternal teacher

“You’ll do best to remember for yourself.”



Pyre [Fire Elemental] (a few of their many forms)

Hot for Betty, they/them, pro bonfire builder

“You like my fire, Betty? Those flames? Their dance? I followed your lead from yesterday.”



Betty Holub [Cent’s best friend]

Transwoman, she/her, Maine native, family of choice

“How was your time with your mother?”




Gan [Air Elemental] (some of their many forms)

Likes blowing in Tess’ ear, always moving, forever restless, they/them

“Beauty to crown beauty.”



Exan [Death Elemental/ Cent’s grandparent] (two of their many forms)

Cozy-calming death, they/ them, gives great advice


“Looks like a good day for renewing family bonds.”


Nida Rhodes (Mama) [Cent’s Mother, Exan’s daughter, Married to Ivan Ruleman]

Unstable half magic, denials and delusions, needs direction, she/her

“I didn’t trip comin’ up the hill. That’s somethin’.”


Ivan Ruleman [Nida Rhodes’ husband]

Previously possessed, preacher, peacekeeper, he/him

“Grace, peace, and patience. May this house be full of all three. Will someone please pass the butter? This cornbread is callin’ for some.”


King Dane Gow [She-King of the Hunter fey]

Eyeing Cent, knows more than she’ll say, successful at both hunting and business, she/her

“You’re needin’ this about now.”



Conall Gow [Hunter Fey]

Dane’s right-hand man, married to Bea Gow, a powerhouse of patience, he/him

(One to watch)



Bea Gow [Hunter Fey]

Can fix any engine without a computer attached, married to Conall Gow, shoot first and ask questions later, she/her

(One to watch)



So there’s the entire cast, big and small, with the exception of the homestead’s house spirit, Birdie, who gives Cent a difficult time more than she should.

Mama, Me, & the Holiday Tree is currently available, in ebook format, for $.99, but that price won’t last long, and, while you’re at it, why not pick up Cleaning House too? It’s only $2.99 for the time being, but a little bird has told me both prices will be going up later this year, so I’d hop on these deals while I could.

Both books are available to your right (click on the cover) or, For #HolidayTreeNovella you can also click any of the links below.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

Thanks for stopping by and come back for more from the Appalachian Elementals series. Novel two, Keeping House, is in the works and will be released next summer!



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