#PoetTues A Life Obscure

A Life Obscure

I’ve recently been informed

That I’m a shadow of another’s success

That I’m a back page community blurb

To front page coverage

That I’m seven strikes

To the Midas touch


I’ve recently been reminded

That I’m “gotta go”  because someone more important’s arrived

That I’m one who is different and strange

To the masses

That I’m unacceptable

To the general populous


I’ve just now come to the conclusion

That I’m going to keeping trying because I must

That my different doesn’t make me yours to ignore

To those out there

Who think I’m secondary

To you, I’m thankful

…. Because you’ve shown me who you really are


(Note: It’s been a while since I wrote a poem, and now I remember exactly why I do. Catharsis.)


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